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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

October Meeting

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Join us for our October Meeting! This months program is entitled “Antennas, those tricky things.”

We’ll be going over aspects of “tuned” antennas. What do we mean by a “tuned” antenna? Well, an antenna is resonant on a single frequency. We try to “tune” an antenna (make it resonant) for a single frequency in the band we want to operate on, like 20 meters. By having it tuned to a frequency in the band we want, we can generally use it on most of that band at a pretty good reliability. This month, we’ll talk about how to calculate lengths, build tuned single band antennas and the different types of them you can make and their performance.

What does resonant mean? Good question! In short, an antenna is “resonant” on the frequency where the inductance and capacitance (together, reactance) cancels each other out. At that frequency, the antenna appears purely restive and operates at its highest potential on said frequency. Want more info? This and more about antennas is covered in the General and Extra class study material!

Wanting a multi-band antenna? Don’t worry, we already have that program in the works in the following months.

Time: Testing starts at 3pm and the meeting starts at 5pm.

What to bring: Just bring a side dish, drink or dessert. And of course, yourself!

Location: As always, we’ll be at the DAV building right across from the downtown airport located at 2525 E. Divison.

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