Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Federal and State Bills

These Bills are items brought to the attention of SMARC for legislation that may impact our hobby of Amateur Radio. It is extreamly important that all amateur radio operators keep an eye out for what is going on in the government around them when it comes to the hobby. Speak out to the representatives so they know we are still here and still use Amateur Radio every single day!

State Legislation:

If these bills are passed as-is, they would make operating our radio illegal in our vehicles. The Bills and the sponsors are listed below. Please contact there office and ask them to make Amateur Radio exempt from the bill like other government radio use.

Please contact these Bill sponsors and ask them to make an exemption for Amateur Radio operators. Without the exemptions volunteers and ARES groups couldn’t train, practice, participate in Nets or exercises for public safety.


House Bill 1879
Sponsor: Representative Tate – St Clair County
Phone: 573-751-0549
Introduced 1/8/20

House Bill 1474
Sponsor: Representative Runions
Phone: 573-751-0238
Introduced 1/8/20

Senate Bill 532
Sponsor: Senator Willingford
phone: (573) 751-2459
Introduced 1/8/20

Federal Legislation:

ATTENTION: Due to last minute notification by the Salvation Army, the June meeting will be held at the Tech Day shop. 4094 N Farm Road 157, Springfield, MO 65803 at 5 pm.