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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Elmering Program

One of the main goals this year for the SMARC club was to develop and implement an Elmer program to benefit new members and experienced members alike. Whether its a new project in uncharted waters or a new ham needing to get more help on setting up a shack for the first time, we have an experienced group of Elmer’s who have dedicated a portion of their time to assist those looking to learn more about their project and hobby.

With the time honored tradition of personal touch, we are looking forward to rolling this program out with the main goal of broadening the basic and advanced knowledge of all aspects in Amateur Radio. While this program is not designed to be a setup or programming service; we often times can assist individuals in showing them how to do these setups and programming so that they may take on the task themselves and even teach others later down the road.

Before submitting any requests for this program, please give the Elmer FAQ and Disclaimers page a review to get the latest information on what this program can and cannot do for you.

Elmers Program FAQ and Disclaimers

The Elmering Program is available to club members only. For information on how to get started in the hobby and to get help obtaining your license, check our our “how do i start?” page today!

Elmer Request Signup Form