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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Digital VHF/UHF Nets

Below is a list of Digital nets available to local Ham’s with the right equipment. Join one or all of them!

Tip: If viewing from a mobile phone, try turning your phone sideways for a better view of the chart!

Disclaimer: SMARC provides this list of nets for informational purposes only. SMARC does not control the content of these nets nor does it guarantee these nets follow any form of guidlines or follow FCC regulations. SMARC does not endorse or encourage the participation of any of these nets. Attend these nets at your own discretion. SMARC shall not be held resposible for the content of these nets.

wdt_ID Net Name Repeater System Type Day Time
1 SMARC DMR Net 444.400 (+) DMR TBD TBD
2 Missouri Statewide DMR Net Talkgroup 3129 BYRG DMR Mondays 19:30
3 Southwest Missouri DMR Net Talkgroup 31291 BYRG DMR Wednesdays 19:00
4 Texas D-Star Net Reflector 4 Bravo D-Star Tuesdays 20:00
5 Ham Nation After Show Net Reflector 14 Charlie D-Star Wednesdays 21:00
6 YLNTX Weekly Net EchoLink Node KG5BHY-L EchoLink Mondays 20:00
7 Branson Area DMR Net Talkgroup 31293 DMR Mondays 19:30

Did we miss somebody?

This list represents the nets we have information for. If your net is not listed or we have it listed incorrectly, please use the “contact us” tab above and let us know!