Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club


The 444.400 repeater is located around 300 feet at the top of Hammons tower in Springfield, MO. This repeaters platform is built on the new Yaesu DR-2X repeater and is fully hybrid with Analog and System Fusion II.

With recent (May 2022) work; including all new antenna, coax, arrestors, patch cables and a full tune on the cavities, the 444’s reach is better than it ever has been. If you couldn’t get in before, we recommend trying again as use to the north has greatly improved.

The 444 repeater is the clubs new flagship UHF repeater and is open to all amateurs. We will be adding in a Fusion based IMRS weekly net in the coming months. Stay tuned for that info on the nets page!


Analog: 444.400 with a positive offset. PL of 162.2Hz. We do transmit a PL as well.

Fusion: Fusion can be accessed with a DG-ID of 02 with the same positive offset as analog.

IMRS: The 444 is linked with the 91 and can be accessed via a DG-ID of 90. Time out is 1 minute for IMRS.


Yaesu DR-2X Repeater
Duplexers are of unknown make/mode, but they work!
GP-9 Antenna on a non-pen roof mount

ATTENTION: Due to last minute notification by the Salvation Army, the June meeting will be held at the Tech Day shop. 4094 N Farm Road 157, Springfield, MO 65803 at 5 pm.