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RT66 OTA! History

Birth of The Mother Road

U.S. Highway 66 was established in 1926, was the first major improvement to link the west coast with the nations heartland.

Through stories, songs and TV shows, the highway came to symbolize the spirit of the freedom of the open road, inspiring many to see America.

However, the demise of Route 66 began in the 1950’s as the U.S. began it’s interstate highway system, and the highway was officially decommissioned in 1986. Today, small portions of the U.S. Highway 66 still exist in towns and rural areas in several states.

RT66 On The Air! Background

Originally started by the Northern Arizona DX Association, RT66 OTA! was a way to allow amateur radio operators a fun way to “Relive the Ride.” They can also relive their own memories of Route 66 and get to celebrate the highway’s rich history in making the U.S. what it is today.

The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club (CBARC) in San Bernardino California eventually took over the event a couple years later and has grown into one of the best special amateur radio events of the year.

Amateur radio clubs, using special 1×1 callsigns, operate from cities on or near the route from Chicago Illinois to Los Angeles California. Hundreds of operators worldwide aim to contact as many radio operators as possible who would like to take part in this annual event.

You can find out more about the Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club by visiting their website here:

Or, you can contact the event coordinator, Jeff Richardson, at: [email protected]

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