Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club


The Salvation Army has by inclination and tradition strove to provide service at a point of greatest need in time of disaster.   Numerous services are available to alleviate suffering, meet physical needs and provide spiritual counseling and support.   The purpose of the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) is to train and aquire personnel skilled in emergency communications and message handling, who will support Salvation Army operations in local, regional and international disaster situations.   Our fervent hope and prayer is that our congregate service may indeed help mitigate the trauma and impede the potential of widespread tragedy that is implicit in disaster.

Local Communications:

On the local level SATERN provides primary communication from the disaster site to command personnel and to Salvation Army Headquarters.   SATERN also effects communications between Salvation Army mobile stations.   Relay stations are operated where necessary.   And normally a team of relief personnel are standing by for placement in later shifts.

Regional Communications:

On a regional disaster SATERN establishes a field station to effect communications from the disaster site to a Divisional Headquarters or Corps center that has been named the disaster control point. This stations’ promary function is to apprise Salvation Army personnel of details regarding the disaster and to receive instructions from command for field response. The initial station may be mobile, but every attempt is made to erect a semi-fixed (wide coverage) type of antenna at the site. Local communications are also established among ancillary cells to connect the field command to shelter, clothing, feeding, medical, government and worksites, etc… (probably via VHF or UHF)

A Health and Welfare system may be set up, giving the need, on a secondary priority basis. In an emergency where extensive data transfer is required, efforts are made to establish a station dedicated to digital communications (AMTOR, Packet, RTTY, etc…), via ground based pathways and/or satellite if available.    SATERN stations throughout the region assist in relay and traffic handling to support the effort.

At SMARC, we are proud to have club members who volunteer in the SATERN program in Springfield.