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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Net Control Operators

Below you will find the latest net control schedule so you will always know who the voice of SMARC is for Friday night!

Tip: If viewing from a mobile phone, try turning your phone sideways for a better view of the chart!

id Net Date 10M Net 2M Net

Current Net Control Operators:

Wes Cooper – AEØOC
Kevin McGuire – NØKTM
Franklin Johnson – KDØRSJ
Steve Palmer – KAØSPM
Billy Dalton – NØSRO

Backup Control Operators:

Jordan Justus – NØRK
Rodney Mallonee – KØFZ
Heather Hagen – KEØNHL

SMARC enlists the help of any member who can multitask and entertain those who join us for our club nets. If you are interested in becoming a net control operator, email [email protected] for more information, requirements and instructions on how to start.

If you are already a net control operator and need to change the schedule of your next control date, email or text Rodney – KØFZ, or email [email protected]. Please give us as much notice as possible before cancellation or trades.

Net Control Requirements:

  1. Must be in good standing with the FCC and a good standing member with SMARC (no length of membership requirement).
  2. Must have a radio and antenna that has extremely reliable communication with the 146.910 repeater.
  3. Must have a radio and antenna that has reliable communication in the Springfield area on 10 meters. An amplifier and a high vertical antenna is highly recommended. This is not mandatory for 2m net control.
  4. Have good multitasking skills.
  5. Have good communication and peoples skills to drive rag chew out of many “no traffic” check-ins.
  6. Go through at least one “sit in” of a current operator working a net.

Below are our general net announcements. Feel free to use this if you are controlling the net or to read along as its given on the net!

Net Announcements:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is _____________________________ and i will be your Net Control operator for the 2 meter edition of the Friday night SMARC nets! This net meets regularly every Friday night at 8pm right here on this frequency of 146.910 MHz with a PL tone of 162.2hz.

Rag chew is encouraged, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, share about what’s been going on with your lives, or just tell us a funny joke you heard this week. If we have a trivia question tonight feel free to throw out an answer.  if you need us to repeat the question, please ask and we can have that done for you.

Don’t forget to download and join us on NetLogger to get behind the scenes chat and a full list of check-ins for the net.  This is a fantastic free tool to assist us with getting everyone in on the net.  You can find us by clicking the select net button, then scrolling down until you find “SMARC 2M Net”

While this is not an emergency net, if anyone at any time has emergency traffic, the standard break-break will get our attention and we’ll turn the frequency on over to you.  Does anyone have emergency traffic, please call now.

(Pause – We pause ever so often to give the repeater a break)

Not hearing any, pull up and chair, get a cup of coffee and join me for announcements of interested to amateur radio operators. 

The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club Meeting is held on the third Saturday of each month. We meet at the DAV building located at 2525 E Division right across from the downtown airport.   Testing starts at 3:00pm for anyone wanting to get their technician class license, or upgrade to a General or Extra class license. The fee for the tests is $15 cash only. The meeting will follow at 5:00pm.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator is encouraged to attend a meeting or testing session.  You do not need to currently hold a license or be a club member to attend. Everyone is welcome including friends, family, and children. A meal is usually prepared by an outstanding cook, and everyone attending is encouraged to bring a sides dishes, soft drink, or dessert to add to the mix.

Standby for more information about Tech Day

(Pause – We pause ever so often to give the repeater a break)

Q1 Tech day has officially been scheduled and you know what?  Its on the same day as the January Meeting!  That’s right, the January Meeting and Tech day will be on the same day, January 18th, and BOTH with take place at my QTH.  We’ll tear some radios open and see how they work.  We’ll also have Lunch and Dinner provided, just bring a side dish to add to the mxi!

We’ll also be preparing for Winter field day as well as having our regular meeting at 5pm.  Testing will still be at the DAV at 3pm.  Festivities start at 11am go all the way to midnight!

For more information, including a map, directions, details and times, you can visit us at 

Standby for information about Winter Field Day

(Pause – We pause ever so often to give the repeater a break)

The Southwest Missouri Amateur Club and Linux in the Hamshack are sponsoring Winter Field Day. Although we don’t have a lot of information on this event yet, check out for the latest info. If you’d like to be an operator during this even, just use the contact us tab and send us a message! 

Let’s throw it over to Steve, KA0SPM for the weekly content information and trivia question. 

(Sending it over to Steve for further info about events and trivia)

OK!  Let kick off this net with any mobile, portable or low powered stations. Are there any more mobile, portable or low powered stations, please call now?

(We take specific check-ins)

Let’s move to regular check in.

(We take any and all check-ins)

Thank you for all the check-ins!

After all check-ins are done, reread the announcements in a quick format (single transmission) and send it back to Steve for the trivia answer.

Thank you all for checking in with us. For questions, comments or more info on our events, visit us at This has been the SMARC 2 Meter Friday night net, 73!

(Give your call and clear and we’re done!)