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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

W6R Operating Schedule

Though not an official or all inclusive list, the below operating schedule is a list of participants who have signed up to operate as W6R during our event this year, so far. This will help guide you to a certain time and band where you can make contact with W6R and help you to make a clean sweep!

SMARC Member looking to sign up to operate? Go here: SMARC 2022 RT66 OTA! Events!

Name Call Sign Date Start Time End Time Band Mode
SMARC Group WØEBE 09/10/2022 10:00 16:00 40M Phone
Jordan NØRK 09/12/2022 18:00 20:00 20M Phone
Jordan NØRK 09/16/2022 17:30 18:50 20M Phone
SMARC Group WØEBE 09/17/2022 11:00 20:00 40M Phone
SMARC Group WØEBE 09/17/2022 11:00 20:00 20M Phone