Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Monthly Testing Session

SMARC does testing for all licenses classes on the 3rd Saturday of each month as well as at special events (Field Day, RT66 OTA!, etc).

Normal times for general monthly testing is 4pm. Testing is done at the Salvation Army Headquarters in Springfield. Registration for each testing session now required. You can register here: SMARC Testing Registration. The fee is $15 and can be paid online after registration or on the day of testing. The day of testing fee is $15 cash only, exact change is required. This fee is set by the ARRL, our VE accreditor. Once you take the test, feel free to stick around for our monthly club meeting at 5pm right at the same location!

Times and locations for special event testing sessions will be made available in the event posting as well as any public announcements made about those events.

Need some help studying for the test?

There are many resources to assist in studying for the test. Though it can be overwhelming at first, its really not that bad. Here are a few links to tried and true online study methods for the new ham, or those looking to upgrade!

Location and Directions for testing:

How do we do it?

Unless otherwise posted, testing WILL happen at the posted time and place. Session cancellations will be posted on this web site. You may re-take any element which you do not pass one time at the same session, but re-taking an element previously failed will require an additional $15.00 exam fee. If you wish to gain credit for an expired general or extra class license, you must provide a copy of that license.  We must submit the copy for proof.

What should i bring with me?

1. Photo ID
2. Your Social Security Number (FRN soon required)
3. $15.00 exam fee. Cash only and exact change required.
4. Copy of your current FCC Amateur Radio license, original or photocopy of valid CSCE documents from prior exam sessions or  expired license showing previously obtained class.
5. Simple battery or solar powered calculator, if needed.

What are acceptable photo Ids?

Any one of the following:
1. Non-drivers photo ID (“Walker’s ID”)
2. Drivers license with photo
3. Employer’s photo ID
4. School photo ID
5. Passport
6. Military photo ID
7. FCC Radiotelegraph License

What materials are not allowed at the exam session?

1. Study materials
2. Programmable calculators (may be allowed, but you will have to demonstrate yourself that the memory is cleared, please make sure you know how to show this before the testing session)
3. Computers
4. MP3 players, iPods etc.
5. Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
6. Palm Pilots/devices with a keyboard
7. Cell phones/pagers (we will ask you to turn these devices off and place them at the front of the room).