Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Guidelines

In order to create a fair code of conduct for everyone that uses the SMARC repeater system, the Amateurs code is the basis of our rules for use of SMARC repeaters and stations. For more information on the ham code, please click here.

The following additional provisions are to be followed when using SMARC’s repeater systems and their resources:

When looking for conversation on the repeaters, please announce your call sign and say “monitoring or “listening.” We do not call “CQ” on the repeater systems, either in analogue or Fusion digital modes.

FCC part 97 rules shall apply in there entirety, to the use of SMARC repeaters and stations. Bylaws Article XIV (14). All part 97 legal benefits are enjoyed by the users and listeners to our repeater system.

Open conversation is encouraged on the SMARC repeaters, but moderation of speech is appreciated. We are a community of radio operators. The club stations and repeaters are for our enjoyment and to be of public service when neeeded.

Conversations not allowed are those that are by nature, prejudicial or defamatory toward others and those whom may be listening. Specifically, to berate, denounce with hateful intent, or use pejorative language, directed at any social group and or person, for their political, religious, or personal beliefs, is not permitted on SMARC repeaters or via club stations/equipment.


If any repeater/equipment user is heard violating this code of conduct, be it club member or public user, an on-air warning and request to immediately desist may be issued as appropriate by members of SMARC leadership.

Independent of any on-air verbal warning, If persistent and or willful violations are believed to hold merit, an inquiry shall be held by the Board of SMARC. If allegations are found to be accurate, the user will be formally notified by certified mail, as per club Bylaws Article XIV (14), informing them of the infraction. Notification shall include a copy of this document.

This shall serve as a formal warning, and further, may serve as an immediate follow up response to any verbal warning at the discretion of the Board.

If the user is heard on further separate instances, willfully violating conduct, such instances will result in being sanctioned to prevent use of any and all SMARC repeaters and equipment.

Sanctions shall constitute user notification by certified mail of such restriction as per Bylaws Article XIV (14). Within the scope of punitive sanctions as it pertains to SMARC repeaters, Operating on the input and or output frequencies of any SMARC repeater, in the normal operating contour of the repeater, shall constitute malicious interference.

In the presence of malicious interference or continued abuse of the club’s repeaters/equipment, a letter to the FCC informing them of a Part 97 rules violation will be sent.

Following FCC intervention, should the user not comply with FCC ruling in the matter, steps towards removal of the operator’s license shall be enacted.