Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Parks on the Air ® (POTA)

At SMARC, we wholeheartedly support and actively participate in Parks on the Air® (POTA), an esteemed international radiosport award program. We embrace the ethos of POTA, which promotes camaraderie among licensed amateur radio operators, encouraging them to venture into parks and public lands with portable equipment while upholding respect for fellow park users and adhering to local regulations. As avid enthusiasts of amateur radio and outdoor exploration, we cherish the opportunity to engage in POTA activities, fostering a sense of community, adventure, and technical excellence within our club. Join us in embracing the spirit of POTA as we embark on thrilling radio adventures in the great outdoors. Not to mention participating in POTA events helps get and keep you keen on setting up for emergency communications operations amateur radio is sometimes called upon to assist with.

As a sub interest group of SMARC, you must be a member of SMARC in order to participate long term or in tech classes, training sessions, dinners and events. Feel free to drop by a meeting to check it out first if you’d like though! Meeting are always open to the public.