Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

HF Nets

Below is a list of HF nets available to local Ham’s with the right equipment. Join one or all of them!

Disclaimer: SMARC provides this list of nets for informational purposes only. SMARC does not control the content of these nets nor does it guarantee these nets follow any form of guidelines or follow FCC regulations. SMARC does not endorse or encourage the participation of any of these nets. Attend these nets at your own discretion. SMARC shall not be held responsible for the content of these nets.

At times, SMARC receives notices that a net may be blatantly dismissing FCC rules and regulations, or has been found to be discriminatory, fanatical or extremist in nature when it comes to discrimination, political or religious topics or advances any kind of anti-governmental ideas or philosophies. These nets are to be determined not consistent with the spirit or comradery of the amateur radio hobby and will be removed from this list, or not added if requested.

All times to be considered UTC time unless specified otherwise. We noticed a mix of CST and UTC and are working to update this.

Tip: If viewing from a mobile phone, try turning your phone sideways for a better view of the chart!

Did we miss somebody?

This list represents the nets we have information for. If your net is not listed or we have it listed incorrectly, please use the “contact us” tab above and let us know! Please send full details (frequency, time, schedule, etc) and not just a URL link to a nets website. Thanks!