Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Vintage Computing

With so many overlaps of interest with ham radio operators and vintage computer enthusiasts, and the inevitable repairs that have to be made to vintage systems with soldering and component level diagnostic, it was a no brainer to introduce this sub interest group into SMARC. Many members are also very big into the vintage computer world and have helped bring a bundle knowledge and experience to this group!

As we grow, we’ll start to determine exactly what the itinerary is for each meeting. For now, we’ll be doing bench work on broken system, getting systems put together and OS’s installed, just playing with old machines that are already done and more. Feel free to bring your own to work on or play with or have tested. We also have various items for sale too if you are looking to add to your collection!

We’ll also be working on our homebrew build project. Its pretty simple, build a Z80 or 6502 based system that can run a compiled BASIC to run a print “hello world” on it!

A few tools we have available to help with your projects:

  • Gotek drive with flash floppy loaded
  • Surface mount and needle (SMD) soldering station
  • Oscilloscope
  • Multimeter
  • Test leads and boards
  • Several PVMs and Monitors for display testing
  • Spare parts
  • Experience and cool stuff to just look at 🙂

We have quite a bit of equipment gathered up to start the ball rolling on getting people introduced, or reintroduced, to some of the most classic systems of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s.

Meetings are held every month on the 3rd Tuesday at the Tech Day shop at 6pm. This will usually be the Tuesday before the normal SMARC meeting.

As a sub interest group of SMARC, you must be a member of SMARC in order to participate long term or in tech classes, training sessions, dinners and events. Feel free to drop by a meeting to check it out first if you’d like though! Meeting are always open to the public.


ATTENTION: Due to last minute notification by the Salvation Army, the June meeting will be held at the Tech Day shop. 4094 N Farm Road 157, Springfield, MO 65803 at 5 pm.