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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

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Thank you for your interest in joining SMARC! By being a paid member you gain access to all kind of benefits. Just select one of the options below and you’re on your way! Once you pay for your membership, you’ll get an email with instructions on finishing your account setup for our new website.

Please note, if you are a current or previous member and would like to renew your dues, please login and use the Renew Membership page. If you renew your dues here, it will not update your account. Thanks!!

Individual Membership – $25

Family Membership – $50

**To better serve your membership, please only use this for 3 or more family members. If your family is 2 members, please pay two individual dues. This helps us manage your accounts a LOT easier. If you have dependent call signs in your family membership, please use the “Contact Us” button at the top to let us know which call signs need to be added along with your family membership payment. Thanks!

Lifetime Membership – $750

Did you already pay dues at the beginning of 2019? No worries, you don’t have to pay AGAIN this year! Send us a message and we’ll get you an account setup! Your account will expire on January 1st of 2020 and you’ll need to renew on the website or with the treasurer to get access back.