Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

SMARC E-Membership

First off, welcome to the SMARC website! We developed this site to answer the request of many of our members and amateur radio operators in the community. Many people wanted a site that was a little more localized than QRZ and eHam, but that still provided some of the “bigger” features of those sites.

Queue in A site localized to the Southwest Missouri area, but that still provides a larger net of activity such as boards, chats, RT66 OTA information, logging for events and some of the biggest collections of radio programming in Missouri.

Some of the benifits that come with E-Membership include:

  • Full RT66 On The Air repeater directories along the route.
  • Programming files for many brands and models of radios that encompass all of Southwest Missouri.
  • SMARC Boards for localized chat between amateur radio community members.
  • SMARC chat during 10 Meter nets.
  • SMARC logbook and the ability to participate in field day and other contests using our call sign (WØEBE or W6R).

Please note, E-Members do not carry a full club membership and the rights associated with a full membership. E-Members cannot vote or take place in a club election or club only activities (which we rarely do). Although E-Members are a valued part of the club, an E-Member cannot hold an office or an appointed position in the club. There will be no credit for time as an E-Member, if membership is upgraded, for the purposes of running for an office.