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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Nominations for 2024 are in and its going to be another “exciting” election season.

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Instructions for voting: You MUST be logged into the website. Once in, under the members tab there will be an item called ***SMARC VOTING***, just click on that page and submit your vote! Please keep in mind that this page will only be available from 1pm to 6pm on the day of the election, December 16th. Though no challengers are present, polls will still be open and votable for the sake of following the bylaws instructions for an election.

The members have spoken and we have our Nominee’s for 2024! Though, don’t change your plans too much for getting in to vote. This year, all nominees are running with no challengers. Nominations were given with discussion and suggestions this past meeting with some familiar faces joining the board and others change positions in the board. For 2024, these officers will do their duty to the club and bring SMARC further into the future with the community and technology at hand. Coming join us at the January meeting to help install these members into their new position! We look forward to 2024!

For Director 2:
Rodney Mallonee – KØFZ (Former Vice President)

For Secretary:
Billy Dalton – NØSRO (PIO and former Director)

For Vice President:
Mike Swaw – AEØMR (Former Director)