We have exciting news for potential hams in the Springfield area! A new package is available to help you get on the air! I reeived the following from Bob Heil! (You can hear Bob on the Matt Canovi Show every other Saturday morning on KSGF or on Hamnation on Twit TV Wednesday evenings with the 8 pm internet broadcast. Both have podcasts of their previous shows!)
– Patti kd0ael

The equipment package is ready for distribution to our Matt Canovi Gun show listeners.
It will consist of a new two frequency band Handie Talkie which will be programed to the major repeaters in the Springfield area along with a copy of Gordon West’s license manual, all for the low price of $54.95 and this includes free shipping.



To order, please visit randl.com and type in NEWHAM in the search box. It will be shipped usually the same day.

We look forward to having you join in the great fun and meaningful resources that Ham Radio affords each of us in the wake of a disaster. You will want to visit the Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club web site and let them guide you through the license procedure. The meet at the Red Cross building on West ByPass and Division every third Saturday.

In the meantime please come visit our special event that is happening next week, starting Sept 6 through the 14th. The Route 66 On The Air event. On the 6th, feel free to spend some time with us at the Route 66 History Park on West College where you can see and actually operate a ham radio station. No license needed as long as one of us are guiding you through the paces.

Please stay in touch and look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards