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Are you prepared for severe weather?

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Missouri, nestled in the heart of the United States, experiences a diverse range of weather patterns, from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to winter storms and flooding. With its susceptibility to a variety of weather-related hazards, it is crucial for individuals, families, and communities in Missouri to be adequately prepared for severe weather events. We will examines the unique challenges posed by severe weather in Missouri, emphasizes the importance of preparedness, and outlines key strategies for facing these challenges head-on.

Understanding Missouri’s Severe Weather Landscape:
Missouri’s geographical location makes it vulnerable to a spectrum of severe weather conditions. Tornadoes are a prevalent threat, particularly during spring and early summer, while severe thunderstorms and flash floods can occur throughout the year. Winter storms, with their potential for ice accumulation and heavy snowfall, also pose significant risks. A comprehensive understanding of these regional risks is fundamental to effective preparedness.

Tailoring Your Emergency Plan to Missouri’s Challenges:
An effective family emergency plan in Missouri must account for the state’s specific weather challenges. Identifying tornado shelters, planning evacuation routes, and considering the region’s topography are crucial elements of this plan. Additionally, understanding local emergency management protocols and communication channels is essential for timely response and coordination.

Assembling a Missouri-Ready Emergency Kit:
The contents of an emergency kit should be tailored to Missouri’s climate and potential weather-related disruptions. In addition to the standard emergency supplies, such as non-perishable food, water, and first aid items, Missourians should include winter-specific items like blankets, warm clothing, and snow removal tools in their kits.

Staying Informed with Local Weather Updates:
Given the rapidly changing nature of weather conditions, staying informed is paramount. Leveraging local weather services, mobile apps, and NOAA weather radios can provide up-to-the-minute information on severe weather alerts, enabling residents to make timely decisions regarding safety measures, evacuations, or seeking shelter. Local amateur radio operators staff the Skywarn repeaters and are a good source of information available through Broadcastify streaming service, scanner radio or an amateur band radio.

Protecting Missouri Homes:
Missouri residents should be aware of the construction standards and building codes relevant to their region. Reinforcing homes against tornadoes, securing loose items during severe wind events, and insulating pipes to prevent freezing during winter storms are proactive measures that can mitigate potential damages.

Community Resilience in Missouri:
Community involvement is a cornerstone of Missouri’s preparedness efforts. Collaborating with local emergency management agencies, participating in community drills, and fostering neighborhood support networks contribute to a more resilient Missouri. In times of crisis, the strength of communities is often a determining factor in effective response and recovery.


As Missouri residents, we cannot afford to underestimate the impact of severe weather on our lives and communities. Being ready for the challenges posed by Missouri’s weather requires a combination of knowledge, planning, and community engagement. By understanding the state’s unique weather landscape, tailoring emergency plans, assembling Missouri-ready emergency kits, staying informed, protecting homes, and fostering community resilience, we can collectively enhance our preparedness for severe weather in the Show-Me State. So, Missourians, are you ready for severe weather? The time to prepare is now.

Keep in mind your local amateur radio operators with Greene County Skywarn & Southwest Missouri Regional Skywarn keep people abreast of severe weather conditions year round. Greene County Skywarn operates on the 146.64 Springfield Based repeater and SW MO Regional Skywarn is on the 145.49 repeater based in Fordland. We have the majority of SW MO covered with network repeaters throughout.

To reach Greene County Skywarn with questions about emergency prepardness, please contact its representatives:

Franklin Johnson (KD0RSJ) – Coordinator, Greene County Skywarn
Billy Dalton (N0SRO) – Emergency Communicator, Net Operations, Greene County Skywarn
Rodney Mallonee (K0FZ) – Emergency Communicator, Net Operations, Greene County Skywarn

Patti Flowers-Palmer (KD0AEL) – Coordinator, SW MO Regional Skywarn

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