Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

SMARC Hamfest Ticket Sales

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Thank you for wanting to attend our hamfest! Below are several options for purchasing tickets. You can purchase advanced entry tickets to save $3 on the “day of” admission price, or you can purchase an advanced table ticket to reserve yourself a standard 8′ table or tailgater spot and save $5 on the “day of” table price. Or better yet, purchase both online and don’t worry about it during the event!

Tables are first come first serve. We do no hold tables without payment first. If you have a desired table number, please complete your purchase and then email us and we’ll coordinate selecting your table. Location is not guaranteed and is subject to change for non-commercial vendors. Power is only available on tables adjacent to a wall and they go fast!

Keep in mind, each table or tailgater purchase comes with a free entry ticket and single prize drawing ticket. Limit 1 entry and prize ticket per purchase, not per individual table in your purchase.

If you are wanting to take a license test during the event, you may also pay for your fee here at the same time. You MUST still registered HERE to be admitted to the testing session and select “SMARC Hamfest” as the session date. There will be no refunds on missed sessions or incomplete applications. Attending a testing session does not gain you entry to the hamfest. An entry ticket must still be purchased if you wish to attend the event outside of testing.

When you have input your desired quantity, please click “add to cart” under each ticket type and then click the “Visit cart to complete purchase” button below. This will take you to the cart where you can checkout. You’ll received an automated email confirming your purchase, tickets and if applicable, table.

Hamfest Entry Tickets 2024

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

Hamfest Testing Session 2024

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

Hamfest Tailgater Spot 2024

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

Hamfest Vendor and Individual Tables 2024

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

Current Table Layout and Vendors

There are currently 7 tables remaining of 83.
There are currently 4 tailgater spots remaining of 6.
Current table layout is subject to change. Click on image to view higher resolution layout.
ATTENTION: Due to last minute notification by the Salvation Army, the June meeting will be held at the Tech Day shop. 4094 N Farm Road 157, Springfield, MO 65803 at 5 pm.