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SMARC 2024 ARRL Field Day Event

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SMARC is excited to announce its plans for the 2024 ARRL Field Day! We’ll be setup at the Tech Day shop again this year. We’ll have restrooms, an air conditioned area for setup and plenty of field space for setup outside as well. Feel free to bring your setup and get on the air with it! We have plenty of space out in the field or in the shop to setup including room for tents and small campers/RV’s.

The main details

Setup Time and Date: Saturday morning starting at 10am. Setup of the main SMARC equipment will be pretty simple, so don’t expect back breaking labor!

Event Date: Saturday June 22nd

Location: 4094 N Farm Road 157, Springfield, MO 65803

Time: We’ll start setup at 10am and start operating at 1pm and go until every one leaves that evening. Unless there is great interest and multiple people willing to stay and operate overnight, we won’t be operating overnight or on Sunday.

Special Class: We’ll be teaching a small class on the fundamentals of building a balanced dipole antenna and the tools and math needed to construct one for any frequency. After this class, participants should have the ability to build their own dipole for any band they chose on their own. The class will take place at 7pm in the tech day shop. We look forward to seeing you there!


We expect to be operating as a 2A station this year. This means that we will have at least 2 operating stations running at various times of the event. The stations we know for sure that will be there the whole time will be:

Station 1 will be an FTdx-5000 on a beam mostly operating 20 and 80 meter.

Station 2 will be an FTDX-10 on a vertical mostly operating 10 and 40

Of course, we’ll change the bands around depending on what is active and who is operating, pretty much as requested by the operator.

Stations above will be capable of CW operations. Please bring your own paddle, we will provide a 1/4″ “stereo” type connector and a 1/8″ “stereo” type connector for each station. Other types will be up to you to match, including a straight key mono or TR style connector to TRS.

Other stations are welcome, but will not be allowed to operate as WØEBE during the event unless coordinated with Steve (KAØSPM) or Jordan (NØRK). We’re making this a super easy coordination this year, so don’t hesitate to come and setup!

Food: As always, lunch and dinner meats will be provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert to add to the mix so everyone will have plenty to eat! Last year was a bit light on side dishes, so please remember to bring something to add!

For more information, don’t hesitate to use the “Contact Us” tab above and let us know your questions!


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ATTENTION: Due to last minute notification by the Salvation Army, the June meeting will be held at the Tech Day shop. 4094 N Farm Road 157, Springfield, MO 65803 at 5 pm.