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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

SMARC 2022 Field Day is set!

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SMARC is excited to announce its plans for the 2022 ARRL Field Day! We’ll be setting up shop at the Salvation Army Springfield Headquarters like last year. Located at the intersection of Kansas Expressway and Chestnut Expressway, we’ve got a central seat for radio operations, public relations and fun events and food! Depending on the weather, we may setup inside or outside, or both!

The main details

Setup Time and Date: Saturday morning starting at 9am. Setup this year will be pretty simple, so don’t expect back breaking labor!

Event Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 25th through 26th, 2022

Location: 1707 W Chestnut Expy, Springfield, MO 65802

Operating Time: 1:00pm CST on the 26th operating over night until 4:00pm CST on the 27th.

Special Class: We’ll be teaching a small class on the fundamentals of building a balanced dipole antenna and the tools and math needed to construct one for any frequency. After this class, participants should have the ability to build their own dipole for any band they chose on their own. The class will take place at 3pm in the main gymnasium where stations are setup. We look forward to seeing you there!


We expect to be operating as a 3A station this year. This means that we will have 3 dedicated operating stations that will run on generator power.

Station 1 will be an FTdx-3000 on a beam mostly operating 20 and 80 meter.

Station 2 will be an FTdx-3000 on a beam mostly operating on 10 and 15 meters.

Station 3 will be an FTDX-10 on a vertical mostly operating 10 and 40

Of course, we’ll change the bands around depending on what is active and who is operating, pretty much as requested by the operator.

All stations on voice will be using a Heil mic on a stand or boom. Please bring your own earphones if you wish to operate with them.

All stations will be capable of CW opeartions. Please bring your own paddle, we will provide a 1/4″ “stereo” type connector and a 1/8″ “stereo” type connector for each station. Other types will be up to you to match, including a straight key mono or TR style connector to TRS.

Other stations are welcome, but will not be allowed to operate as WØEBE during the event unless coordinated with Steve (KAØSPM) or Jordan (NØRK).

Food: As always, lunch and dinner meats will be provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert to add to the mix so everyone will have plenty to eat! Last year was a bit light on side dishes, so please remember to bring something to add!

Lunch Main Course: Hot dogs and sides.

Dinner Main Course: Grilled Chicken and sides (please help contribute to dinner by bring along side dish or dessert).

Breakfast Main Course: TBD

For more information, don’t hesitate to use the “Contact Us” tab above and let us know your questions!

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