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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

May Meeting

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April’s meeting is entitled: “Floats and Fields”

We’ll be going over the float trip and the annual ARRL field day. Come out and and join us!

Date: May 15th, 2021

Time: Testing starts at 3pm and the meeting starts at 5pm.

What to bring: Please help us feed the lot by bringing a little something yourself. Due to COVID, please bring only store bought, unopened items so that our famous cook can serve them out! There are never enough drinks, so feel free to bring a bottle of soda!

Location: As always, we’ll be at the DAV building right across from the downtown airport located at 2525 E. Division.

COVID-19: The face mask ordinance is still in effect for the city of Springfield. We follow all local laws when required and will be requesting that all participants wear masks to this event and do their best to observe basic social distancing. Thanks!

Meeting started at: 5:03pm

Jordan made an introduction the the meeting. Noted the new faces at the meeting. Jordan asked new attendees to raise there hand, and then briefly introduce themselves.

President’s Report: We approved, and shave received a new repeater to go on top of Hammons Tower. There was also $200 worth of stuff sold.

VP Report: Still looking for net controls for the 2m/10m nets. Already got a couple new net controls, but need more. Will be putting together a resource for net controls.

Treasure’s Report: Some added funds for name badges, Tech Day expenses. 2,645 Repeater: 1,500

Secretaries report: None

Director #1: Not much, other than the new newsletter is out.

Trustee: Not much, other than the new repeater.

VEC Report: No one took a test, nothing new to report.

GCS Director: Had a few

Old Business:

Jordan asked me to recap the minutes from last month. After he asked if anyone wanted the full minutes read, no one did. Jordan motioned to accept them, Rodney 2nd, and the mention was passed.

Jordan mentioned what membership dues go towards, and how they help to continue to operate the club.

Float Trip: Group Rates are not a big discount, and the outfitter is being vague about when they are opening. We will likely push it back till maybe August. There will be a sign up sheet on the website.

Name Badges: They are available for $19.99, and can be ordered on the website.

The New Repeater: Jordan asked if anyone wasn’t here when it was talked about, and had any questions.

Jordan asked for any old business that hasn’t been brought up. It was asked about an I.D. Badge for Skywarn. We will be doing an I.D., but likely more like a badge on a lanyard, instead of on that attaches via pin/magnate.

New Business:

Jordan asked for new business, no one had any.

Salvation Army: Last month they had a person that talked about working with them. They do not really have a developed SATRN group, and they would like for us to provide radio services, instead of then developing their own group. We would be credentialed through their system, and be a Salvation Army volunteer.

New .444: The deal for getting the Yaesu System Fusion repeater for 2021 will be up in mid June. If we want to replace that repeater, which is a bow worded one, that deal will be over before the next meeting. Jordan would like to get an approval from the body to get a 2nd repeater. The cost is $900, but with out the discount it would be $1,900. Gene made the official motion, it was seconded, and approved.

The board will double check, and make the purchase if decide to move forward. Likely will happen before the next meeting. Will have an update at the next meeting. The previous $500 for repeater updates will not need added to to take care of putting a 2nd repeater up.

A question was asked about a bulk purchase of hard line coax. Jordan will have a slider on the website to sign up for a purchase. You will need to say how much you want, and pay through pay-pal. Once a total order of 1,500 ft is made, the coax will be ordered. Jordan has the drill attachment to put connectors on, and will help anyone that buys hardline put those connectors on.

Talked about new repeater locations, mainly Branson, Joplin, Marshfield, or other locations outside of Springfield.

Ham Fest: Still looking at having one. Likely more of a Tail Gaiter. Looking for possible locations.

Field Day: Motion by Jordan to pause the business meeting to eat, then resume to discuss Field Day.

Paused at 5:41pm. Resumed at 6:24pm

The club has usually focused on the public info, and contest aspects of Field Day. This year we will be using the gym at the Salvation Army building. Has access to public restrooms, and with be climate controlled.

We are considering booths at Field Day. One for Greene County Skywarn. Talking to SW MO Reg Skywarn, and the Salvation Army as well. Jordan asked for recommendations.

Lewis brought up CERT as a possibility. Franklin will reach out tonight, and CC Jordan & Rodney on the email.

Jordan will also ask about Greene County ARES if they would want a booth.

Jordan will see about rules, and city ordinances for food sales.

Jordan will provide his generator for radio power. All else should be on commercial power. Jordan/Mark will provide internet, and logging will be N1MM.

Lewis will volunteer to bring in equipment for Skywarn. Will likely have a station in case of activation. Franklin will work with Lewis on radios brought.

Radios: Jordan’s & Rodney’s FT 3000’s, Mikes FT 6010, and Franklin’s IC-746 Pro for GOTA. We will have Heil Mics, but not headsets. If you wish to have a headset, please bring headphones only!

Martin might provide a backup generator. Dave also might be able to provide backups too

Antennas: We have the two tower trailers, likely for both 3000’s. Steve’s verticals will be used as well. Mike’s antenna might be used for GOTA.

Snacks are being worked on. Lunch Dinner, and then Breakfast on Sunday will be provided. Sides, and drinks are asked to be brought as well.

Jordan will provide a first aid kit. Grant Feick will be the safety officer. Jordan will get with him on the check list.

Media Announcements: Billy is working on announcements, a Mayor’s Proclamation, and appearances on The Place, and Ozark Live. Need to also contact the newspapers, and share like crazy on Facebook. Also need to ask about radio stations.

Jordan asked if anyone has any questions. It was asked about setup. We will do the same day setup starting at 9am to 11am. Then we start operating at 1:00pm Jordan also asked if anyone has any pools of coax, they might bring it to make sure we have enough.

Talk in will be on the .91, and will be on Franklin’s ic-2730 if not used for Skywarn.

Jordan made a mention to set aside $500 for raffle prizes, minus anything that can be donated. Don 2nd, and the motion carried. We are thinking a Yaesu 3DR system fusion HT. Jordan will also get Balun, and some good coax. Jordan will also contact BobHeil to see if he will donate some prizes.

It was asked about selling raffles tickets through pay-pal. Technically pay pal doesn’t allow raffles, they consider it gaming.

Testing sign up location on the website was asked. Jordan explained the section of the website that has the sign up for a testing session.

Jordan opened up to any questions. Jim asked about something on the website telling people how to get an FRN number. He’s going to link to an FCC video explaining the process.

Don asked about banners. There will be new banners for the club, and GCS. There will be a table banner each, and 1 big double sided banners outside.

Need to ask Ham Crazy if he’d like a booth at Field Day, and a Hamfest.

Jordan asked for more questions, there were none. Rose motioned to close the meeting, Jordan 2nd, and the motion passed.

Meeting closed at 7:10pm