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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Greene County SkyWarn – Now WXØGCS!

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From the office of the Greene County SkyWarn Director:

I am very happy to announce that we now have a new call sign for Greene County Skywarn! We are now officially WX0GCS!

Around the same time that we were discussing becoming an official part of the Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club we also talked about getting a 2nd call for the club that would be dedicated for Greene County Skywarn. Clubs are allowed a 2nd Vanity callsign and still retain their primary call at the same time. So, it was decided to proceed with getting this 2nd call.

Steve Palmer (KAØSPM: Skywarn, Club Trustee), Rodney Mallonee (KØFZ: Skywarn, Club President), Jordan Justus (NØRK: Club Vice-President/IT Admin), and myself mulled over different potential calls. We really wanted one that had the WX prefix. We also liked the idea of somehow incorporating the initials of Greene County Skywarn into it as well. So we settled on trying for WXØGCS, with a couple of back ups if this fell through.

Well, the wait is over! After a few weeks of waiting to see if someone else had put in for the call before us, Steve got the reply today that WXØGCS has officially been allocated to SMARC for the 2nd callsign and it will be used for Greene County Skywarn. When Steve is able to, he will get the ID On the 146.640 repeater changed to WX0GCS-R. I’m sure in the near future we will be pushing out this new call to the community as well. So, join me in welcoming this new change with Greene County Skywarn as it continue to improve, and rocket into the future!

Franklin Johnson – Greene County SkyWarn Director – KDØRSJ