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Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club

Field Day 2020! – Updated!

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We are working diligently to balance a fantastic feel day and being prepared for field day to be severaly limited. As of right now, the ARRL has not in any way changed or canceled Field Day 2020. Likewise, the Springfield/Green County area, as well as the state of Missouri, have not extended a Stay in Place order or social distancing orders into the month of June. As of right now, we are continuing on the assumption that both of the above possibilities will not happen and we will continue to host Field Day as normal. As always, check back here for the latest updates and information!

We haven’t chosen the location or settled on all the details yet, but preparations are already underway in a big way!

This year we hope to have our best ever event on both sides; public relations and contacts for the contest. And don’t worry, we’re already planning for severe weather, just in case 🙂

If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let us know by using the “contact us” tab above!

Some things we’re already working on improving for this years event include:

  1. An enclosed pavilion or building to operate from rather than our tent. For those of you with us last year, you know we barely survived!
  2. A more dedicated start time for lunch and dinner.
  3. A bigger booth for public information and the GOTA station.
  4. A setup time starting 24 hours in advance with a Friday night blast off party including the 10m and 2m nets live on location!
  5. Making sure that wherever we setup will accommodate RV’s and tents as well as other station locations for those not wanting to operate as WØEBE.
  6. Either a dedicated 24 hour restroom facility or quality portable restroom units.
  7. A volunteer sign up form several weeks in advance with specific volunteering jobs to meet the different abilities of those volunteering, including what time and where to be.

Details so far:

Setup Time and Date: Friday, June 26th, 2020 starting at around 3pm on site.

Blast off Party: More details to come, most likely starting at 6pm.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 27th and 28th, 2020

Operating Time: 12:00pm CST on the 27th to 12:00pm CST on the 28th.


We will again be operating as a 3A station using emergency generator power. A dedicated VHF/UHF station and a dedicated GOTA station will also be on site.

Station 1 will most likely be operating high power on the 20 meter band

Station 2 will most likely be operating high power as well on the 40 meter band.

Station 3 will most likely be a dedicated digital station with voice capabilities if so desired.

All stations should be capable of CW opeartions. Please bring your own paddle, we will provide a 1/4″ “stereo” type connector and a 1/8″ “stereo” type connector for each station. Other types will be up to you to match.

All stations on voice will be using a Heil mic on a stand or boom. Please bring your own earphones if you wish to operate with them.

Food: As always, lunch and dinner meats will be provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert to add to the mix so everyone will have plenty to eat!

Operator sign up form:

We will also have a sign up form right here a little closer to the event.

Location and Directions:

A map of the location is soon to follow right here, right in this spot. We just have to pick the location first!

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