Raffle Prizes


Disclaimer:  The following MFJ Enterprise items have been generously donated by one of our members.  Items are raffled off as is. The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio club is not responsible for any missing pieces or parts related to the items raffled. Instruction manuals, downloads or support materials are available by visiting  https://www.mfjenterprises.com . The items raffled are considered in used condition and may have signs of scratches, scuffs, cracks, etc. (Hamfest resale quality) and do not have warranties.  Items may require specialized batteries / AC or DC power supplies or adapters to function properly. Money paid for raffle tickets is non-refundable.


We want to thank everyone who made Field Day 2017 a success. We were able to raffle quite a few items for Field Day. The board made the decision to hold a few items back in order to give anyone who was not able to attend field day have the opportunity to purchase tickets to participate in the drawing.  The following items below are still available. We are planning to raffle of the rest of these items in the August Meeting.

Tickets can be requested via email: Please contact Franklin Johnson at kd0rsj@gmail.com  and he will contact with you about purchasing tickets.  Tickets will also be on sale at the July and August meetings. You do not have to be present to win.



MFJ – 224 – 2 Meter FM Signal Analyzer –   Detailed Product Information


MFJ – 462B – Multi-Mode reader, RTTY, ASCII, CW, AMTORDetailed Product Information

MFJ -492 – Memory Keyer, Menu DriverDetailed Product Information


Elenco – LCR-1810 – Component TesterDetailed Product Information

Mastech Network Cable TesterDetailed Product Information