Field Day 2017 – Raffle Prizes


Disclaimer:  The following MFJ Enterprise items have been generously donated by one of our members.  Items are raffled off as is. The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio club is not responsible for any missing pieces or parts related to the items raffled. Instruction manuals, downloads or support materials are available by visiting . The items raffled are considered in used condition and may have signs of scratches, scuffs, cracks, etc. (Hamfest resale quality) and do not have warranties.  Items may require specialized batteries / AC or DC power supplies or adapters to function properly. Money paid for raffle tickets is non-refundable.


We are excited to have such a wide selection of items this year and hope many will join us in this eventful day.  The items listed are in no special order.


MFJ – 224 – 2 Meter FM Signal Analyzer –   Detailed Product Information


MFJ – 462B – Multi-Mode reader, RTTY, ASCII, CW, AMTORDetailed Product Information

MFJ -492 – Memory Keyer, Menu DriverDetailed Product Information


MFJ – 864 – Wattmeter, HF/VHF/UHFDetailed Product Information


MFJ – 917 – Bal. Line adapter, Bal to Unbal, 1.8 – 30 MHzDetailed Product Information


MFJ -945E – Tuner, HF + 6M Mobile, 300W, XMTR, Ant. BypassDetailed Product Information


MFJ – 1020C – Antenna, SWL indoor active antennaDetailed Product Information



MFJ – 1260 – Mic/Rig Switch, 2 Mic to 1 RigDetailed Product Information