What is VE Testing?

VE, or Volunteer Examiner Testing, is the procedure by which new amateur radio operators become licensed. A simple test is involved for the Technician level amateur radio license, with two additional levels: General, and Extra.  QRZ, a website featuring vast amounts of information on amateur radio, has a good collection of practice tests and study guides available free on-line.

When is VE Testing?

VE testing sessions are scheduled for 3:00pm – 5:00pm, third Saturday of every month, at the Disabled American Veterans, . Use the parking lot at the rear of the building; Enter the building through the back door and follow the posted signs to the meeting room.

We are associated with the ARRL and conduct Amateur Radio Examinations under the auspices of the ARRL-VEC.  The KD0GUR-VE team was formed in November 2009 to fill a need for volunteer examiners in the Southwest Missouri. We offer license exams for all elements in the amateur service.

How do we do it?

Unless otherwise posted, testing WILL happen at the posted time and place. Session cancellations will be posted on this web site. The current exam fee for anyone wishing to take an ARRL exam is $15.00 cash. Your exam fee covers all elements you take and successfully pass in one exam session. You may re-take any element which you do not pass one time at the same session, but re-taking an element previously failed will require an additional $15.00 exam fee.

Make sure you bring  proof of identification, with one being a picture ID. All candidates for a new license or a license upgrade who do not have an FCC CORES FRN (FCC Registration Number) will be required to provide their social security number. Currently licensed hams, also please bring along originals and one photocopy of your current FCC Amateur Radio license, CSCEs or other documentation you intend to use to show previous element credits. A completed form NCVEC605 can be helpful.  If you wish to gain credit for an expired general or extra class license, you must provide a copy of that license.  We must submit the copy for proof.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I need to pre-register for a W0EBE-VEC exam session?
A No. We do not require pre-registration, but recommend that you notify the VE team at smarc@(nospam)smarc.org if any of the following apply:
· Candidates with physical disabilities who need to request special accommodations.
· Parents or guardians of children under 18 years of age (to be sure that the Social Security Number and proper ID will be available)

Q What should I bring to the exam?
A Bring the items listed below:
· Proof of Identification, one a photo ID
· Your Social Security Number
· $15.00 exam fee (cash only Exact Change Please)
· Original and photocopy of your current FCC amateur license Original and photocopy of valid CSCE documents from prior exam sessions and/or Expired License showing previously obtained class.  We will not look them up and we cannot give credit without a printed copy.

· Simple battery or solar powered calculator

  • Q What materials are not allowed at the exam session?
    A Do not bring any of the following:
    · Study materials
    · Programmable calculators (may be allowed, but you will have to demonstrate that the memory is cleared)
    · Computers
    · MP3 players, iPods etc.
    · Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
    · Palm Pilots/devices with a keyboard
    · Cell phones/pagers
  • Q What are acceptable photo Ids?
    A Any one of the following:
    · Non-drivers photo ID (“Walker’s ID”)
    · Drivers license with photo
    · Employer’s photo ID
    · School photo ID
    · Passport
    · Military photo ID
    · FCC Radiotelegraph License
  • Q What are acceptable non-photo Ids?
    A Any one of the following:
    · Driver’s license without photo
    · Social Security card
    · Birth Certificate (must have seal)
    · Minor’s work permit
    · School report card
    · Utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence which shows your name
    · Postmarked envelope addressed to the candidate at the same address that appears on the FCC form 605
  • Thanks for your interest in Amateur Radio and we hope to see you at an exam session soon!