As promised I’ve posted “something” by next meeting.. Since the minutes have already been approved “As they exist in My Imagination”; I’ve made sure they still exist there. *wink*



SMARC Meeting Minutes Sat Apr 18 2015

Meeting called to order 5:ish (Hey, Setting up & Facilitating the meeting, doing secretarial and giving the presentation.. I’m allowing myself the “ish”.)


Secretary-KD0CNP set to lead meeting, however VP-KD0AEL arrived at the Red Cross from the “Safe & Sound” event in-time to take over leading the meeting. She and KD0RSJ were representing Amateur radio, and SMARC at this regional preparedness event. Thanks to both of you for your service!


Tonight’s meeting is a presentation on “DC power systems with emphasis on high current connection methods & over current protection as it relates to ham radio applications and the renewable & alternative power sources we use.”

Financial Report:

Announced $250 donation from ARRL. Missed the Bank balance from “Miss Diamond Pennybags” our club banker, according to my “deputy note taker” this figure may not have been available for me to catch in the first place, will snag it next meeting.

Old business:

Previous meeting minutes: displayed, Vote: Club approved unanimously, without review.

Old & New Business overlap:

Field day: June 27th.

Set agenda points for field day discussion in June meeting.

Tent setup Friday evening.

Saturday Only event day, Tear-down Saturday evening

Compile lists of individuals committed to set-up and tear-down of field day at the MAY meeting.

Prizes, solicit and Approve expenses. Club will only purchase one Grand prize this year. Decide what that is going to be. (Numerous people volunteered to ask for additional donated prizes, but no one collected a list of committed parities before meeting ended, DO THIS AT MAY MEETING!)

Field day Solar Power: A previous vote approximately one year ago carried in favour of the club purchasing a small PV system in the $300 ~ $400 range contingent on availability of funding. As requested by KA0SPM during the February 2015 meeting that KD0CNP arrange solar for this years field day operations like we’ve had in the past.

KD0CNP & KD0AEL are asking if the club will approve the use of the $250 ARRL donation (listed under new business) for this use and the release a matching amount of $250 from club funds for a total budget of $500 going toward a PV system. The club already owns two batteries which would be used in this system. The additional cost margin will provide for very robust over-current protections & wiring suitable for field day use while still being under the originally voted amount coming directly from club monies.

A vote is to be taken on this during the May meeting, if approved KD0CNP will order the components and assemble the system. Unfortunately there is not time before field day to make this a club build project, however future upgrades and use of this equipment can and should be hands on. This would also serve as a deployable emergency power system for disaster response, emergency service is part of our club mission statement.

New Busines:

Meeting program ideas needed: May, July, Aug, Nov. Dec. ..and beyond.

Asked club body (and head) for suggestions, Amateur Radio Astronomy has been set for October.

Solicited Ideas are:

  • Red Cross Disaster Technologies – overview – David Sewell Trainer. Which would be for the May meeting.

Other future training desired includes:

  • CERT

  • Other Red Cross classes: Disaster Assessment, Sheltering, DAT, etc.

Other full Meeting programs:

  • Wacky antenna party

  • Fox hunt.

And the club want ‘s more “Step by step Build Project”

  • EME antenna build and demo – adapt & reuse parabolic dish antennas.

  • Near-space Balloon build & launch, and/or sub 200ft AGL UAV with camera & radio relay. (extended club build projects).

  • Dummy loads – legal limit (Oil filled).

  • Antenna builds, tape measure, J-pole, & simple Dipole with balun.

  • Balun builds.

  • Satellite contacts and home-brew dual band beam build.

  • And small kit builds to further teach soldering skills.

BassPro Outdoor fitness event:

and Route 66 OTA again fall on same weekend, September 11-13, but this year the event will not be at Lake Springfield, instead being held in Branson at Table Rock Lake, near the Dam Area, & Lake Taney Como.. in a split event. BassPro ask us to setup two station, one in each area of the event. Do we wish to do so? Discussion: Doing one station takes enough free volunteers, we can’t commit to having that many for an over night camp-out to do two stations. Vote: NO

Do we wish to setup a Route 66 OTA station in the road side park given the City of Springfield likes the publicity? Discussion: Will be stretched thin on volunteers but some (KD0CNP & KC0WSE) have committed to float between the roadside park setup and Branson as the Route 66 park station is just a few hours in the afternoon on Saturday. Vote: YES

Midterm election – Director:

AD0BG who earlier this year during elections swapped places with KD0CNP to become a Director to reduce his responsibilities to the clubs administration (due to increased work responsibilities); has unfortunately neglected to pay dues for 2015 on time.. which has triggered a bylaw clause. The now vacant directors position must be filled during the next regular meeting.

Business meeting adjourned.. no idea of the exact time, business took aprox 40 ~50 minutes.

Break to allow gathering dinner from tonight’s generous potluck table.

DC power systems presentation:

KD0CNP bored the clam chowder out of half the room and had the other half fearing electrical doom & catastrophe by saying the word “FUSES” multiple successive times while showing terrifying photos of what happens when you don’t use said fuses or misunderstand where and how to use them.

Then he gave some instruction on the where and how of over-current protection and how to make low resistance terminations for low voltage systems.

And gave some equipment type recommendations, including breakers for DC equipment supply, and MRBF fuses to prevent battery short circuit conditions. And discussed the importance of the AIC ratting on such devices.

This presentation was an in-depth-overview.. make sense of that statement.. I dare you.

Meeting adjourned.. again not sure of the time.

The room vacated quickly, presumably to claw back what was left of their souls after hearing the word “FUSES” more times in this meeting than ever before in their lives. And KD0CNP was kindly “helped” to his vehicle with all the demo materials. 😉


WWV – As the world turns, these are the minutes of your lives. But first another minute..

KD0CNP Secretary for SMARC 2015

Proofreading? We don’t need no stinkin’ proofreadin’… The ghastly spelling and grammar mistakes always go un-noticed by my many “dedicated” readers.





SMARC Meeting Minutes Sat Mar 21 2015

Meeting Started Promptly @ 5:00pm… Fine, it was 4:59 and 32 Seconds.. get all particular about it..


Tonight’s Meeting is a presentation given by Doug Cramer on severe weather and Skywarn. You’ll notice We Started tonight’s meeting instead of calling it to order.. partly because it didn’t answer when when called, and primarily because there is no business portion to tonight’s meeting to allow our guest speaker the time required.


An hour & forty-eight and 3/4 minutes of fascinated staring at weather pictures and a great wealth of information from Doug.


Far to much good information to recap.. sorry if you missed it. Come to the next meeting.. if your just into severe weather then we do this meting theme every March!

Next month:

In depth DC power systems with emphasis on high current connection methods & over current protection as it relates to ham radio applications and the renewable & alternative power sources we use.

KD0KNL & “C0OK” will be absent. So by default the up coming meeting will be pot luck.

KD0CNP Secretary for SMARC 2015

Didn’t even bother to proof read this month.. nobody reads the minutes anyway…






SMARC Meeting Minutes Sat Feb 21 2015

Meeting called to order 5:12pm.


Tonight’s Meeting is a build event, business meeting will be short (too cold outside for briefs this month, had to go with shorts).


In tonight’s meeting we have a few new faces (and some reasonably old ones) so we’ve opened the meeting with a lightning round of introductions. That way we can all ask one-another’s names again later after we’ve failed to retain 30 names at once.

Financial Report:

Prior balance of $326.56. Dues collected last month and tonight brought our new balance to $506.16.

Our next major upcoming planned expense is Insurance which is due in June.

New business:

None. Moving along, “Jeff, put your hand down!”.

Old business:

Start looking toward field day. KA0SPM made request via KD0AEL to ask KD0CNP to see about doing larger scale solar power for this field day once again. A somewhat over-worked & panting KD0CNP slowly rolled his head around to look at her in disbelief. (It was funny you had to be here.)

Program for next months meeting: will be a presentation on SkyWarn.


The Missouri QSO party will be held April 4th and 5th. More information at:


Did I mention next months meeting will be a presentation on SkyWarn?…. wear your best tornado costumes.

Business portion of the meeting adjourned 5:37pm

The rest of the evening was spent teaching new hams to solder, sweating copper for sectional j-pole antennas, building fly-back voltage boost converters, programming radios, and changing the face plate on a vintage Yaesu boat anchor rig undergoing some light restoration. You know like you do at a general build evening.

Meeting was adjourned after the last person was finally ushered out.. whenever that was… it was VERY late!

Special Thanks to KD0GUQ for holding the RedCross opened until obscene-o’clock.


KD0CNP Secretary for SMARC 2015

Proofread by a hoard of imaginary pixies, not real ones, Imaginary.




SMARC Meeting Minutes Sat Jan 17th 2015

Meeting called to order 5:04pm.


  • A desire to keep the business meeting brief (I’m wearing mine) to respect the time of tonights guest speaker was stated by KD0AEL.

Financial Report:

  • Short form financial report as KD0GUQ was still receiving dues payments during the meeting. Motion to re-approve yearly payment of web-hosting fees due to an increase in costs. Cost change was associated with the need to add-on a second website for our participation in the new-to-us Route 66 OTA Special event we ..uh ..participated in this year (and will be for the foreseeable future). Motion carried, Hosting costs in the amount of $45.40 to be paid annually to KD0CNP going forward. $326.56 was the stated bank balance, without received dues counted.

New business:

  • Discussion of possible participation in City of Springfield Route 66 event in August as lead-up to Route 66 OTA. Membership expressed that August was already a busy month for club and personal activities. There was concern about available persons to (wo)man such event; Sentiments were that it may overwork those already volunteering since no-one else whom was not already committed to other activities wanted to take on this added responsibility. The item was tabled for later discussion, the meeting in June is the latest a decision may be made on this issue or it must be dropped or deferred to the following year. If you wish to make this happen SPEAK UP in the next meeting!
  • Select a program for the February meeting, as we came to the end of our planned meeting formats this month. Several items were tossed around, no-one lost an eye or got hit in the head, a general build night was the most popular choice and will be the program for February.
  • Further programs for the 2015 year need to be set at the next regular meeting. If no programs are set, subsequent meetings may become irregular, requiring added fiber… and nobody wants that.

Misc Discussion:

  • Many new faces at the meeting tonight called for a round of name, rank, and call-signs.. with optional personal revelations and embarrassing anecdotes.

Business portion of the meeting adjourned 5:31pm.

  • Everyone was encouraged to partake in Regina’s delicious evening dinner fare and settle back into there seats for a what promised to be a great Morse code presentation given by AC5SH. A motion was made to the buffet line, the motion was carried back to the dinner table.

Fists presentation by Tim “The code addict” O‘ Conner AC5SH.

  • Presentation was video format with verbal professorship from AC5SH and audience questions answered. The Fists newsletter “The Keynote” was given to all participants in tonight’s program along with a CD containing additional Fists multimedia and a second CD with listen and learn interactive Morse code practice.
  • Additional information about Fists, it’s hosted on-air code practice nets, and a free e-book in PDF format, “The art & skill of telegraphy”, is available from www.fistsna.org
  • Fists is actively requesting article submissions of interest to amateur radio & telegraphy for their “Key-Note” newsletter; if you haven’t published before, now is your chance! You may contribute your article via keynote@fistsna.org
  • Fists dues are, $15 yearly if you wish to join the north American chapter.
  • AC5SH also wanted to convey that since the previous north American Fists president is now SK the mailing address in the digital documents on the multimedia CD that was handed out tonight is no longer valid. However the Website and Keynote do have the correct and updated mailing address.

6:55pm meeting adjourned.

  • Informal after-meeting personal & technical discussion, “elmering”, and swapping of tall tails & small lies preceded everyone going home.

Note for next month:


  • Some tools for general use will be provided for this build, including but not limited to: an antenna analyzer, oscilloscope, various injurious to your hand tools, and some power tools for drilling cases or letting the daemons out. You are encouraged to bring your own tools if you have them, to give those without tools more time to use what is being provided.
  • This is also a great opportunity to clean out your storage and junk boxes by providing materials to those without projects. Tidy up and give someone else something AWESOME! I love to bring stuff to meetings for others to take home, and have been the lucky recipient on several occasions too!
  • We are not building a specific item, this is a general build night; So bring that nagging box of things “you’ve been meaning to fix”, kits you wish to build, your items needing solder rework, and the bandages & burn cream for KD0GUR. 😉


KD0CNP, Secretary for SMARC 2015

Proofread by KE0AFO, so if there’s a lingering typo blame her.

Re-Re-Re-Proofread by KD0CNP.. Again.



October 19, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes
Cheryl Jackson, KD0GUQ, Acting Secretary
Attendance: None taken

Christmas Meeting:

  • Dec 21st
  • Potluck
  • Go-bag show-and-tell
  • Voting on board members: Vice-President, Treasurer, 2 Director positions
  • Nominations for positions must be taken at the November meeting

Shawn McKee and David Nichols will be working on the .91 antenna.

Lebanon Club needs help with the ARRL Convention Nov 8 and 9.

Interested in having Robert Kentsch demonstrate the TS2000 in the Red Cross radio room at a future meeting.

Meeting adjourned by vote.


September 21, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes
David Nichols, AD0BG, Secretary
Attendance: …
Meeting called to order: 17:10

Attended the Outdoor Fitness Festival: Patti, Lewis, Andrew

Secretary Report
* July and August meeting minutes approved by vote.
* Donation of dual-band mag-mount antenna by Joe Wolf, N5UIC

* 3 General licenses and 1 Technician license

Guns and radios
* Meeting at 1PM to carravan to Jeff’s house

Discussion on setting up a Boyscout radio event
* 3rd weekend in October
* Patti is going to try to coordinate

Treasurer Report
* Harbor Freight compromise of account
* $1153.42
* Insurance paid

Regional ARRL Convention (Midwest)
* Nov 7-8

Meeting adjourned 17:28

Hands-only CPR demonstration by Cheryl Jackson


August 17, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes
Gary Jackson, KD0GUR, Acting Secretary

Treasurer report:  Given by Lewis, Account Hit by Bandit, but funds restored.  Almost ready to submit for tax exempt status.

Trustee report: Given by Gary Echolink issues can only be resolved by shutting down echolink.  Boards for new repeater are currently being optimized for best performance.  Hoping that new repeater can be installed along with change of antenna next month.

Testing report: One new general (also attended the meeting with his daughter)

Sept 7-8 Outdoor Fest at Lake Springfield
Sept 28 “Guns and Guineas” at the Reppert Farm

New Business:  Ideas taken in group for next 3 club meetings.  Jeff has the full list.

Close of Business meeting.

Attendance:  no list was passed, so thus no clue — approximately 41 in attendance with notable absences of Patti, Steve, David Nichols, David Harden, Franklin and Judith Reppert.



July 20, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes
David Nichols, AD0BG, Secretary
Attendance: …
Meeting called to order: 17:00

Secretary report
  • June meeting minutes approved by vote

VEC report

  • 2 Extras

Adjourned 17:19


June 15, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes
David Nichols, AD0BG, Secretary
Attendance: …
Meeting called to order: 17:25

Treasurer report
* $777 checking
* $75 savings
* $290 cash
* Press release for field day
* Invited legislators to field day

Secretary report
* April and May meeting minutes approved by vote
* Donated equipment by Ron Sprague, AA1FY
* Will be writing a letter of appreciation

VEC report

* 1 Extra, 1 Tech

Field day

* Tent setup on Friday
* Discussion on power, station details, operators

Need to revisit by-laws next meeting

10-meter repeater equipment

Trustee report
* Parts received for work that needs to be done on the .91
* Working on 444.44
* New frequency for second UHF repeater: 444.55

Plans to put together Tech class (female friendly), will be researched more.

Adjourned 18:18



May 18, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes
David Nichols, AD0BG, Secretary
Attendance: …
Meeting called to order: 17:00

Need a new logo
Civil Air Patrol event report
Field Day coming up soon, preparations
Polo shirts

Trustee Report:

* New repeater controller running SDX
* Echolink back up
* Broadcastify feed
* Working on 444.400
* Working on second 70-cm repeater
* 146.91 needing maintenance

VEC Report:

* 2 Techs, 2 Generals

Treasurer Report:

* Still working on 501c3 papers
* $75 for polo design setup

* $1200 Checking, $100 savings, $300 cash
* Insurance due soon
* Field Day raffle

Field Day:

* Steve: building tent for field day, vote passed to give ~$100 for supplies
* Need Extras to be in charge of stations
* Vote passed to give Regina up to $350 for food to cook for field day

Club fox for fox hunting

Adjourned 17:54

April 20, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes
David Nichols, AD0BG, Secretary
Attendance: …
Meeting called to order: 17:00
Field Day

* Ham radio on the beach theme

CCW Training announcement

Field Day

* June 22-23, 2013
* Allowed to start early this year, will vote on at the next meeting.
* Clean up

Secretary report:

* March minutes approved by vote.
* E-mail contacts, new ham interest

VEC report:

* 5 Tech, 1 General

Treasurer report:

* > $1,400 in bank

* $107 in savings
* Prizes for Friday night net
* 6 new members

Vice-president’s report:

* Still looking for net controls

ARRL Midwest Convention

* November 8-9, 2013
* http://smarc.org/?page_id=2554

Not for profit still in progress

Joule Thief build

Meeting adjourned 17:37


March 16, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes

David Nichols, AD0BG, Secretary

Attendance: …

Meeting called to order: 17:02


  • Safety Expo
  • Civil Air Patrol Fly-in

Secretary report:

  • December and February minutes approved by vote

Treasurer report:

  • Expenditures
  • $72.31 Folding tables
  • $34.50 Brochure displays
  • $41.89 500 Blue LEDs, 400 transistors, 40 ferrite filters for build project next month

Trustee report:

  • Still waiting on crystals and controller kits.
  • Will need to have an outdoor build event to repair trailers and antennas closer to field day.

VE report:

  • 1 passed Tech and General


Steve (trustee) gave spotter safety presentation.

17:21 meeting adjourned


Feb. 16, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes

David Nichols, AD0BG, Secretary

Attendance: Patti Flowers-Palmer KD0AEL, Andrew Brashers KD0HUN, Richard Marlow N0MIO, Kayela Foreman guest, Caleb Burns KD0BWT, Steve Palmer KA0SPM, Shawn McKee KD0CNP, Judith McKee member, Dianna Brumley KF5GLF, John Brumley KE5WXD, Jim Miller KD0GTB, Marty Walls KD0UBU, Jack Young WK0Y, Will KD0SJH, Robert Kentch KC0WSE, David Harden KD0TZJ, Cheryl Jackson KD0GUQ, Gary Jackson KD0GUR, Nick Bowen KD0PMS, Franklin Johnson KD0RSJ, Richard Zacharias guest, Kim Boudreaux KF5DKI, Steve Uzzell KD0JNU, Patrick Bowen AC0SR, David Nichols AD0BG

VE report:

  • 3 techs, 1 extra

Trustee report:

  • Waiting on details for new controllers and new crystals.
  • Discussion on interference on the 146.91

Treasurer report:

  • $525 in dues for the year
  • Raffle last month: $215

Civil air patrol event – Bob Brown

  • Saturday, May 18
  • Downtown Airport

Secretary report:

  • Read meeting minutes from January
  • Minutes accepted

Jeff sick, 8 check-ins during last net

Field Day dates:

  • June 22-23, 2013

Meeting adjourned.

Voted on purchasing tables for the club to use at events to display promotional materials, etc. Vote passed, Patti will look for and purchase them.


Jan. 19, 2013 SMARC Meeting Minutes

David Nichols, AD0BG, Secretary

Attendance: Patti Flowers-Palmer KD0AEL, Jack Young WK0Y, Andrew Brashers KD0HUN, David Harden KD0TZJ, Lee Peterson guest, Charles Naylor KD0SXD, Judith McKee guest, Regina Carroll member, Lewis Carroll KD0KNL, Shawn McKee KD0CNP, Richard Marlow N0MIO, Will KD0SJH, John Brumley KE5WXD, Dianna Brumley KF5GLF, Cheryl Jackson KD0GUQ, Gary Jackson KD0GUR, Patrick Bowen AC0SR, Nick Bowen KD0PMS, Franklin Johnson KD0RSJ, Donald Rogers AC0PD, David Barber KD0TUM, Norman Barber KD0TUO, Jeff Reppert K0JTR, Steve Palmer KA0SPM, Robert Kentch KC0WSE, Ray Cadmus W0PFO, David Nichols AD0BG

Trustee report:

  • 2 New MSR2000 donated by hwy patrol (VHF and UHF)
  • 146.64: PL tone issues, replacement board purchased, needs to be installed when scheduling can be worked out

Secretary report:

  • No previous minutes from secretary yet

VE report:

  • 2 techs, 1 extra

President report:

  • Needing net controls for Friday night net, talk to Jeff, Richard, or Lewis
  • HF antennas

Treasurer report:

  • $459.20 + $100.70 end of November
  • $838 @ Ham fest
  • $1039 deposit after ham fest
  • $1599 in checking and savings
  • raffle for dual band antenna that was donated to the club: Won by AC0PD

New business:

  • Jeff: 501.3c paperwork started and sent to treasurer from Judith

Old business:

  • Gary: Change to by-laws, discussed last month. V,C,4,b: changes to items i through iii. Passed vote. Passed around for signatures.

More new business:

  • Website report for 2012: Shawn
    • 7330 unique visitors
    • 15456 visits
    • 118014 hits
  • More HF projects, Steve
    • Field day beach theme
    • Backpack HF
    • Missouri QSO party April
    • Winter field day Jan 26-27
  • Officers, sign code of conduct

Meeting adjourned.


  • Green County Skywarn meeting 27th 14:00
  • Skywarn training class


Dec. 15, 2012 SMARC Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael, Andrew Brasher kd0hun, Patrick Bowen ac0sr, Nick Bowen kd0pms, David guest, Will kd0sjh, Franklin Johnson kd0rsj, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, Jim Miller kd0gtb, Charles Naylor kd0sxd, Chris Harris visitor, Jolene Naylor visitor, Regina Carroll member, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Shannon Burns visitor, Judith McKee visitor, Robert Kentch kc0wse, Tresa Kentch visitor, Michele Williams visitor, Mitchell Williams kd0sow, Dale wa0cfq, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Jeff Reppert k0jtr, Charlie k0eod


Opened at 500pm

Old Business:

Treasury Report: 506.90

VE Report: 5 examinees, all passed. Scott Brown Tech to Extra. 1 extra 2 generals 2 techs.

Bylaws revised:

Treasury Report: 506.90

Trustee Report:

VE Report: Tested 6. 5 passed, David Hardin tech and general, 1 Tech, 3 Generals and 1 Extra

Bylaws revised: last meeting


Web and Media:

New Business:

Adjust Bylaws: Part with repeater controller using on 91.

Notification of change to the bylaws by Gary. Vote for change to be held in January.

Voting for Officers: Results Lewis Carroll kd0knl President, Jeff Reppert remains Vice President, Secretary David Nichols, Treasurer Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael, Board Robert Kentch kc0wse, Patrick Bowen ac0sr

Christmas Party –

Closed 640pm





SMARC Meeting Minutes September 15 2012

Recored By KD0CNP standing in for KD0AEL Who is absent due to illness.

A moment was extended to everyone to get a plate full of Regina’s temping meal preparation before the official meeting starts.. in the interest of preventing starvation or stamped.

Business meeting Started 5:14pm
August minutes – Unanimously Approved, no corrections.

Treasury Report – Delivered from notes Submitted by KD0AEL – $506.90 after deductions for purchasing 2 USB radio interfaces for the asterisk repeater upgrades, and holding mini raffle for computer bag during August meeting. No progress toward 5013C so that money has not been spent.

Raffle was held for a computer bag donated by KD0KNL and his wife. $18 was gained from this raffle. Levi Jones won the raffle.


Old Business –

ByLaws – KD0GUR passed out hard-copy rough draft of the rewrite during August meeting and requested feedback from members. KD0GUR states he has received no feedback to date; in response members requested digital copies to edit instead of paper for ease of editing and email transmittal back to KD0GUR.

Sales of Assets – Unanimous vote was made by club members present during the August meeting to present for sale 2 Arcom Controllers and 4 Vertex Radios held within the club equipment assets, due to bylaws currently in effect thirty days between time of announcing intention to sell and approval to sell must elapse, Approval is to be taken at September (this) meeting – Vote taken – Approval unanimously given. Item are now for sale.

KD0CNP shall clear all programming, update, clean, or repair as necessary prior to sale to command best price on items.


Trustee Report – Progress on adjusting the antenna on the 146.91, and re-tune the duplexer? – Antenna has not been addressed to date. Trustee States duplexers are in tune. KD0CNP is to adjust antenna at his earliest opportunity, and is interested in assistance by anyone available during weekday business hours who is able to climb ladders reach, stretch, etc. Volunteer should not be fearful of heights!

Perspective Repeater Locations – Jeff is Still Waiting on a response.


New Business –

VE Report – 2 Tech, 1 General tested today. All passed.


Special Events –

Possibly setting up with Boy Scout Jamboree Oct. 20. As this falls on the same day as club testing and we have not received the time and other essential details since being approached about the event by a representative during the clubs attendance of the Ozarks-Off-Road/Bass-Pro Outdoor Skills event last weekend (Sept 8), After discussion, Our attendance shall be contingent on receiving these details in time to prepare support for the event. Caleb, Andrew & David have agreed to be available on an as needed basis for the Boy Scout Event. Other Volunteers are encouraged.

If no details are received, we will not attend and volunteers will not be needed.


Announcement –
Annual Guns & Radio Picnic at Reppert Farm Oct. 27 Club members and Hams from the greater community are Welcome to attend!

Members poled to set specific time to meet for the purpose of car pool to Guns & Radio Picnic – Members have Agreed the meet time is to be @ 1:00pm Red Cross Disaster Services Building in the Parking lot.


Reminder –

Next month is bring your own project & Kit build meeting!


Business Meeting closed 5:32.

Cheryl (KD0GUQ) of the American Red Cross, Started a presentation on personal & family disaster preparedness @ 5:34 and passed out “Make a Plan Make a Kit” information and checklist cards to make your own disaster plan.


Tera (sp? Please correct or remove notation.) of Greene County OEM/CERT Started adjunct preparedness presentation @ 5:52 and focused on community and bussiness preparation and focused on CERT and what it can do for you and how you can make your “Home Town Ready”. And gave information on how to connect with your local CERT chapter.


Regina asked people to bring recipes to next club meeting for a recipe book she is compiling for the club. So bring all you “HAM” recipes!

Patrick (AC0SR) requested time for special presentation on Software Defined Radio. This presentation began @ 6:04 – Patrick gave very interesting talk about his recent personal foray into SDR and passed around several built SDR kits for everyone to handle and examine up close, as well as presented some of the common control software in demo mode. He spoke of the vary familiar softrock and a few others not so well known; including the highly interesting Peaberry SDR, which is a very modern and capable SDR kit. The focus was on affordable kit radios with price ranging between $20 & $140 for the models discussed.


Antenna analyzation in the parking lot, general discussion, and fellowship followed Patrick’s presentation until everyone disbanded for the evening.



SMARC Meeting Minutes August 18 2012

Attendees: Patti Palmer kd0ael, Steve Palmer ka0spm, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Robert Kentch kc0wse, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Regina Carroll, Shannon Burns and (Baby Ham), Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Franklin Johnson kd0rsj, Jim Miller kd0gtb, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, William Grindstaff kd0sjh, Bill Stacy n5tu, Charles Naylor (new ham), Paul Hylton, Aubrey “Jack” Young wk0y, Jamas Justice kd0guu, Levi Jones (new ham), Elliott Mednig kd0sct, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, Judith McKee, Daniel Cook kd0euv

Old Business:

Old Minutes –

Treasury – 506.90 after purchasing 2 USB interfaces and holding mini raffle for computer bag today.

Raffle was held for a computer bag donated by kd0knl and his wife. $18 was gained from this raffle. Levi Jones (brand new Tech today) won the raffle.

Trustee – No official report. However, the Board discussed reception issues with the 146.91 after the regular meeting. Shawn and David to work on the antenna soon and Steve is to retune the duplexers.

Repeater Locations – Jeff was not present for report.

VE Report – 1 upgrade to General

3 New Techs

1 New General who passed both Technician and General

ByLaws – Gary passed out rough draft of the rewrite. He requested suggestions. Feedback can be sent to kd0gur@arrl.org Members wo did not receive this write up may request a copy from Gary at the same email address.

Sales of Assets – Unanimous vote was made by club members present to sell 2 Arcom Controllers and 4 Vertex Radios.

Special Events –

Rt. 66 – The Route 66 On the Air Committee has told us they want no new stations involved with the event.  Discussion was held regarding opportunities for our own yearly special event station. Three possibilities were discussed.

Off Road Camping Club – We will be setting up at the Bass Pro Outdoor Days event with the Off Road Camping Club again this year. Details as follows:  Outdoor Days at Lake Springfield – Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Fitness Festival

Event Time: Saturday 9:30am-4pm, Sunday 11am-3:30pm
Dates: Friday, September 07, 2012 – Sunday, September 09, 2012
Location: Lake Springfield, Springfield, MO
Admission: Free and open to the public.

A great weekend for the family! The Mountain Men Rendezvous’ will demonstrate life as it was lived in the 1800’s and kids can try activities like casting, archery, paintball and geocaching. There will be outdoor cooking demonstrations, tent villages, canoe and kayak races, and boat rides on Lake Springfield. This event is held in conjunction with the Springfield Greene County Park board. More information is available at www.basspro.com/fitness . –

Reppert Farm – We will be meeting at the Reppert Farm for our annual Guns and Radios picnic Oct. 27th. Specific details to come.

New Business: None

Meeting ended at 605pm

Meeting Briefly reopened during dinner. Vote was taken to use funds to apply for 501C3. Unanimous vote by club members present passed this issue.

Presentation by Patti during dinner.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

SMARC Meeting Minutes July 21 2012

Attendance: Patti Palmer kd0ael, Kenny Johnson, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Steve Uzzell kd0nu, Franklin Johnson kd0rsj, Jude Griesemer ke0yz, Gnomeo kd0jwy, Regina Carroll, Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Shannon Burns (and bun), Elliott Medina, Patrick Bowen ac0sr, Jeff Reppert k0jtr, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, John Brumley ke5wxd, Dianna Brumley kf5glf, Kim Boudreaux kf5dki


Treasury Report: $646.75

Field Day: President report and thank you

Meeting minutes: June Approved by unanimous vote.

Bylaws: In the works. Gary to present the rewrite soon.

Repeater Trustee: 64 ready, 440 in the works. Funds will allow us to get the interfaces for the 440 for the interlink, access computers, echolink

Transmitter sites: No report

IT: No report on Echolink

Route 66:


535pm meeting closed


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

SMARC Meeting June 16 2012

Attendees: Shannon Burns, Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, Heldur Ratnik kd0psw, Franklin Johnson kd0rsj, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, Jim Miller kd0gtb, Regina Carroll, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Patrick Bowen ac0sr, Elliot McKirl kd0sct, Shane Kennedy kd0rsl, Ken Moore kf5ppo, Dianna Brumley kf5glf, Andrew Brashers kd0hun, Aubrey “Jack” Young wk0y, Robert Kentch kc0wse, Jeff Reppert k0jtr, Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq

Old Business:

Called to order 502pm

–          Field Day:

Team Leaders

  • Voice station Richard KD0JWY
  • CW Station Steve KA0SPM
  • Digital Station Robert KC0WSE
  • Scoring Lewis KD0KNL
  • GOTA Patrick AC0SR
  • VHF Free Station

These people will need to make sure there is a Extra Class Control Op present and arrange for operating schedules.

  • We need to make sure we have our tents arranged for. I did not buy a tarp for covering a larger area. We can buy one or if someone has one or several to loan that would be nice. Robert has pop up. Trailer is available from the Red Cross


  • Shawn will have a wireless network set up and we will be streaming the field day with a dedicated server. The computer that does this has been set up and will be tested by the day of the event. It will be wireless but a desktop and will be setup to be portable so we can set it up in good locations for people to see what is happening.
  • Everyone needs to be ready to connect radios to power poles for the dc power. Go over what is needed so we don’t have too many issues on the day of the event. Power poles will be available for a small charge if needed.
  • PR good Patti submitted to Rod and has received and okayed his PR for tv and radio. Cheryl has submitted the count down PR for release.


–          Trustee Report: None

–          Treasury Report: $174 not counting scanner sales and raffle. Insurance has been paid. $362 for the year

–          Minutes: April Minutes accepted per majority vote

–          Bylaws: In progress may present to Board next month – per Gary

–          Repeater Sites: No news – Jeff will begin looking

New Business:

–          Rt. 66 – negative for the lot across the street. However, special event station can still be operated from Squid Foo in addition to Rt. 66 art show.

Meeting adjourned 536

Dummy load demo by Jeff




May – No Minutes


April 21 2012 SMARC Meeting Minutes


Patti Palmer kd0ael, Steve Palmer ka0spm, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Nick Bowen kd0pms, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Jim Miller kd0gtb, Shane Kennedy, Regina Carroll, Franklin Johnson, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, David Nichols kd0jei, Patrick Bowen ac0sr, Jamas Justice kd0guu, Jeff Reppert k0jtr, Bill Frank acojk, Bob Heil k9eid

Old Business

Called to order at 519

Minutes: Accepted

Treasurer Report: Accepted and posted to web

Trustee Report:

Steve – Crystals are here for the channel elements on the 64.

The ider for the 64 is being finished and the machine will be placed on the air at our qth. 100 watts

444.4 needs ider needs usb radio interface (sound interface for asterix controller. )

444.825 needs controller shawn

440s will be linked via internet. Possibly stand alone with new linking system.

Field Day: Propose separate meeting day/time

Discussion – set up and tear down concerns

Logging Lewis will be in charge of getting logs posted for results.

Control op for each station voice Patrick, Nick GOTA

Control op/Extra in charge around the clock

Power – Proided by Power Source Solar.

Trailer – Still in need. Red cross may be available this year.

Demo single wire earth return by Shawn

Demo of Mesh Networking by Shawn

Shawn –

Dave –

Tabled Web Site Issue: Refer to Board?

Testing Results: 3 techs, 2 brought from Bolivar by Jim McGonigle from Polk County OEM.

1 General

New Business

Route 66 Event: Sept. 8

Net Control: Jeff Reppert is now in charge of making certain we have coverage for Friday night net.

Meeting secured at 617pm

Topic of Presentation Mesh Networks by Shawn and Steve



March Meeting Minutes March 17 2012


Meeting Called to Order at 610

Old Business:

-4WD Jamboree Caleb made contact and they offered half off a spot for the weekend. We declined the offer and will not be setting up a booth there.

-Preparedness Expo status of our presence on the website Jeff – will follow through

-We had a booth at the Mall for the Severe Weather Expo. With last minute notice Steve, Patti, Lewis, Dave Nichols and Andrew manned the booth and made many contacts in the community both for SMARC and Greene County Skywarn

-Repeater Trustee: The 146.91 transition has been made and adjustments have been made for better performance. Two work days have occurred since the last meeting to effect transition to commercial equipment and make adjustments and to work on the antenna. The antenna and harness will need to be replaced.

The 444.4 status is we have the radio and duplexers now. We need a site and another simple controller and we are purchasing a card for the pl tone from Ebay for $25.

444.825 will be put up

146.64 crystals are being ordered. Repeater is assembled and cables will need to be made from repeater to duplexers. It also needs a site.

-Check with Shawn regarding status of old equipment for sale so that we can start the 501c3 process.

-Meeting Minutes reviewed motion made seconded and approved unanimously.

-Treasury Report reviewed motioned, seconded and approved unanimously.

-Field Day

New Business:

-On SGFrepeater.com they have a place for contributions that are not tax deductible. They also include text that will allow for larger donations that are tax deductible. We need a discussion and vote on this issue.

-Donations on line discussed and tabled until next month.

Meeting adjourned 0652pm


SMARC Meeting Minutes February 18 2012

Attendance: Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Shannon Burns, Mike Rains k0rfi, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Regina Carroll, John Brumley ke5wxd, Dianna Brumley kf5gle, Mike Sutton kb5zrc, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Robert Kentch kc0wse, Hugh George kf5biu, Jerry Gentry wa0h, Jeffrey Reppert k0jtr, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, David Nichols kd0jei

Old Business –

Repeater Trustee: Work continues on the 91. Plan to have a work day for installation. Steve talked about what still needed to be done to prepare for the installation.

Treasury Report:

Beginning Balance Savings




Transactions Cash on Hand


Checking total


Deposit Feb. 2012





New Business:

– 4wd Jamboree coming up. Caleb is working to set up a booth so we can present amateur radio to them. We will need volunteers to man the booth and pass out brochures.

– preparedness expo Jeff will have them pull our name from the website.

Meeting adjourned at 525.

Skywarn Safety Presentation followed the general meeting.



SMARC Meeting Minutes January 21 2012

Attendance: Patti Palmer kd0ael, Robert Kentch kc0wse, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, Regina Carroll, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Shannon Burns, Shawn McKee kc0cnp, Jim Miller kd0gtb, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Jeff Reppert k0jtr, John Brumley ke5wxd, Dianna Brumley ke5glf, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Jerry Gentry wa0h,

Old Business:

Winter Field Day – be present at 1230 if you would like to help with the trailer. Jeff will bring 20 Meter vertical

Ham Fest – have made contact with someone who will purchase all the tubes.

Old Minutes – Voted and accepted old minutes as posted.

Treasury Report – $500.00 with dues paid today

Repeater Status Update – Steve provided update on the progress of the repeater builds.

New Business:

ARRL Field Day – Ideas for adding or changing this year’s Field Day. Tweeting, Vehicle or tent, logging, Committee, Power, separation with GOTA, go to table, meal

Motion for Shawn – dues waved while webmaster. Passed with majority vote.

Motion for Regina – affiliate membership status proposed. Motion passed with majority vote.

Hats – Greene County Skywarn still has hats. Benevolent donor has waived the rest of the cost. Any sales will be placed into a fund (possible APRS offset with costs)

Magazines – Donated by same benevolent person.

Meeting ended at 6pm.

Build projects time after the meeting.


SMARC November Meeting Minutes 2011

Nov. 16, 2011


Patti Palmer kd0ael, John Wake kd0ipd, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Jeff Reppert k0jsr, Robert Kentch kc0wse, Steve Palmer ka0spm, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Patrick Bowen aa0sr, Nick Bowen kd0pms, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Donald Rogers ac0pd,  Adam Kastning kd0gff, Don Hawkins n0svy, Bill Harris kd0dgk, Jim StaffSMARC Meeting Minutes January 21 2012
Attendance: Patti Palmer kd0ael, Robert Kentch kc0wse, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, Regina Carroll, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Shannon Burns, Shawn McKee kc0cnp, Jim Miller kd0gtb, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Jeff Reppert k0jtr, John Brumley ke5wxd, Dianna Brumley ke5glf, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Jerry Gentry wa0h,
Old Business:
Winter Field Day – be present at 1230 if you would like to help with the trailer. Jeff will bring 20 Meter vertical
Ham Fest – have made contact with someone who will purchase all the tubes.
Old Minutes – Voted and accepted old minutes as posted.
Treasury Report – $500.00 with dues paid today
Repeater Status Update – Steve provided update on the progress of the repeater builds.
New Business:
ARRL Field Day – Ideas for adding or changing this year’s Field Day. Tweeting, Vehicle or tent, logging, Committee, Power, separation with GOTA, go to table, meal
Motion for Shawn – dues waved while webmaster. Passed with majority vote.
Motion for Regina – affiliate membership status proposed. Motion passed with majority vote.
Hats – Greene County Skywarn still has hats. Benevolent donor has waived the rest of the cost. Any sales will be placed into a fund (possible APRS offset with costs)
Magazines – Donated by same benevolent person.
Meeting ended at 6pm.
Build projects time after the meeting.
ord kd0clp, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, David Nichols kd0jei

Meeting opened at 0523pm

Old Business:

Treasury Report: $286 in the bank, $44 cash

Repeater Trustee: Programming installed on the repeater. Steve is currently programming on the amplifiers.

Squid Foo: Most of the parts are in for the RFID and once the system is in place, the club will be able to set up a club station there. RFID will be provided to club members, more details on that to follow.

Meeting Minutes: July – Vote needed

Meeting Minutes – none for august because of special event

Meeting Minutes: September – Vote needed

Meeting Minutes: October – Vote needed

Minutes for July, September and October were reviewed and approved by majority vote.

New Business:

Computer – donated to the club – Steve built and personalized for sale for the club.

Elections – Votes were counted by Regina Carroll. Officers will serve 2 years beginning Jan. 2012.

Steve Palmer – President

Jeff Reppert – Vice President

Patti Flowers-Palmer – Secretary/Treasurer

At Large – Gary

At Large – Shawn

Christmas – Bring your Emergency Go bag kit to share and your favorite dish for Pot Luck Christmas dinner.

Special Interest subgroups – Discussed HF special interest and the possibility of Robert sharing duties with

There is a possibility of running the net from the Red Cross. Cheryl and Gary would be willing to fill in as needed.

Meeting Adjourned 638 pm

Steve built a computer for amateur radio use. Programming includes FLDIGI and many others as well as an extensive Electrical and Amateur Radio library. This computer and soon others like it are for sale for $50 as a fund raiser for the club. This computer was demonstrated for the special project after the meeting.

Note: A big welcome and thank you for attending to Bill Harris of ARRL! It was good to have you join us!



SMARC Meeting Minutes October 15, 2011


Jamas Justice, Steve Palmer, Patti Palmer, Gary Jackson, Cheryl Jackson, Shawn McKee, Andrew Brashers, Jeff Reppert, Lewis Carroll, Regina Carroll, Richard Marlow, Rusty,

Old Business

  1. There are 3 Repeaters. New donation from the Highway Patrol MSR 2000.
  2. RIB purchased for the club by Patti for programming the 91
  3. AC Power failure on 91 – currently doing lobotomy on the controller. 64 controller in use on the 91
  4. Treasury report: Balance $280

New Business:

  1. Elections next month: Robert, Jamas, Lewis, David, Gary Shawn, Patti, Steve and Jeff running for office. All members listed meet ByLaws criteria for holding office.
  2. Stagger Board Positions – proposed extending terms of two of the members. Extending President and Sec one time to stagger the positions. Directors and VP.
  3. Changes will be made to the Bylaws reflecting corrections to inaccuracies within the current Bylaws. Administrative power to be extended to 5 people. Mission Statement added. Provision for electronic voting. Repeater Trustee must be a member of the Board.

0604 adjourn




SMARC Meeting Minutes September 17, 2011

Attendance: Jeff Reppert, Nick Bowen, Patrick Bowen, Josef Mainku, Lewis Carroll, Regina Carroll, Andrew Finch, D.J. Finch, Jack Shaner, Gary Jackson, Cheryl Jackson, W. Elwayne Harris, Josh Campbell, Julie Wake, John Wake, Shawn McKee, Patti Palmer, Mark Griffin, Jim Stafford, David Nichols, Jamas Justice

Old Business:

Repeater Trustee –

Treasury – Balance $280


New Business:

Picnic – Oct. 22 at Jeff Reppert’s meat and buns provided. Bring your favorite side dish. Directions will be posted on the web page.

Hacker Space – A Club HF Station will be located soon at Squidfoo Art Gallery. Working our 24 hour access for club members.

Meeting Ended at 0547

Special Guest from Christian County CERT



SMARC Meeting Minutes July 16, 2011

Attendance: Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael, Andrew Brashers kd0hun, Andy Elliott kf4sws, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Nick Bowen, Patrick Bowen ac0sr, Andrew Finch, D.J. Finch kd4neo, Dan Stuelke kf7ibl, Ron Weber ae7bk, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, David Nichols kd0jei, Alice Murphy kd0hur, Jerry Gentry wa0h, James Smith k9jls, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, James Stafford kd0clp

Old Business:

-Treasury Report: $275 including 120 from the raffle after paying for the HT.

– Trustee Report:

146.91 status – equipment MSF 5000 was donated by Blake Bowers! Pictures…

146.64 status – equipment MSR 2000 was donated by Fred from Arkansas and was delivered by Michael Rainesl Net issues more than likely were interference.

Security Issues at the 64 site – Plaza Realty is working to resolve.

– Field Day: Was a success! 6 Meters alone had almost as many contacts as last year. Totals are being tallied

– Wilson Creek: August 13. We have been invited to set up a special event station on the anniversary of the actual event.

New News:

International Lighthouse and Lightship Event! This coincides with our August meeting date. Not like Field Day, you will be hunting for the above trying to find as many as we can. Special Event stations are a slower pace than contest stations, an operator can talk and ragchew to all contacts if you want.

Adjourned at 545



SMARC Meeting Minutes June 18 2011

Attending: Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Patti Palmer kd0ael, Steve Palmer ka0spm, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, Andy Elliott kf4sws, David Nichols kd0jei, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, Eric Childress kd0gus, D. J. Finch ke4neo, Andrew Finch, James Smith k9jls, John Hale, Amber Hale, Jim Miller kd0gtb, Robert Kentch kc0wse, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Dan Stuelke kf7ibl, Dan Garvin, Jim Stafford kd0clp, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, Chris Keeton


Meeting called to order with dinner at 5pm


Old Business:

Treasury Report: $165 total not counting raffle.-


Raffle items and tickets were available at the meeting.


Trustee Report:

146.91 status- searching for commercial grade equipment to replace the vertex radios.

Packet machine status- discussed

Field Day- was discussed and all preparations other than a trailer were in place.


New Business:


August – Wilson Creek no word from the committee per Andrew.


ORCC Outdoor Skills Village Event at Lake Springfield Sept. 9

Big thank you goes out to Joey Ketchum fr helping with testing at the last minute!

Big Thank you goes out to Kevin Lighty for the Advanced Spotter Training last week!


APRS discussed what is needed to establish APRS for spotters in the area.

Meeting ended at 550pm


Following the meeting work was done to prepare the trailers for Field Day.



SMARC Meeting Minutes May 21, 2011

In Attendance:

Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael, Steve Palmer ka0spm, Shawn Mckee kd0cnp, Andrew Brashers kd0hun, Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Shannon Burns, Daniel Cook kd0euv, Gary Jackson kd0gur, James Smith k9jls, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, Jim Miller kd0gtb, John Hale, Jeremy Miles kd0lpr and Kyle, Dan Stuelke kf7ibl, Lewis Carroll kd0knl and Regina, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Robert Kensch kc0wse, Duane Dodson kd0kdl, Don Haukoos n0svy, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, David Nichols kd0jei, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, Jonathan Printy kd0osf, Jim Stafford kd0clp

Old Business:

Batteries and old tower climb has changed and put on hold or eliminated. Packet machine is dead. It will not be located at Fordland. Packet may be located in Shawn’s equipment room.

440 – we have a site located North of Strafford. Was an MCI microwave site that is abandoned. Will cost 10 or more each month for electric. Could be paid for with advertising. Another site located that we would have to provide power. Could be done without commercial power.

We have received 20-440 radios.

Treasury Report

April Minutes accepted as posted.

New Business:

Security issues with the 91 were discussed.

We may be purchasing a Motorola MSF 5000. It will replace existing equipment for the 91.

Linking system will be directed to Jefferson City in the future.

Meeting adjourned at 0608pm


SMARC Meeting Minutes April 16, 2011

In attendance:

Shawn Mckee kd0cnp Board, Steve Palmer ka0spm President, Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael Sec. Tres.,  Jim Stafford kd0clp, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Shannon Huss, Andrew Brashers kd0hun, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Gary Jackson kd0gur Board, Jim Miller kd0gtb, John Wake kd0ipd, Ann Wake kd0isg, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, Roger Cantrell kbojgg and friend, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Regina, Jamas Justice kd0guu VP, David Nichols kd0jei, Alice Murphy kd0hur, Terry Shoemaker ke4lqw and guest

Treasury Report: Available balance  $      596.22 after repaying Shawn for expenses for 440 work in progress.

Minutes from Jan. approved via unanimous vote.

Update on Batteries: Batteries located at Sams

Old Business: Tower climb needed.  Grounds work needed at the tower site. Time and date to be announced.

Packet machine at channel 10 work not needed at this time.

440 update from Shawn.

New business:

New controllers are being created. 440 will be the test bed for the new controllers. Discussion ensued as to what this means to communications in SW and Southern MO.

440 Radios are being donated to the club from a club in Kansas. These had been from the Kansas Highway Patrol.

ARRL Midwest Division Convention will be held in Cedar Rapids, IA : http://convention2011.cvarc.rf.org/ Cedar Rapids, IA. They were still looking for presenters in recent time.

Meeting adjourned at 603pm

Links from the meeting:






Packet demo also by Shawn and Steve

A huge thank you to Regina for loaded baked potatoes!

Happy Birthday to Shawn kd0cnp!


SMARC Meeting Minutes Jan. 15, 2011
Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael (sec/tres), Steve Palmer ka0spm (Pres.), Robert Kensch kc0wse, Shawn McKee kd0cnp (Board), Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Duane Dodson kd0kdl, Rick Cantwell k0hzc, Julie Wake kd0isi, John Wake kd0ipd, Terri Semelroth, Eric Chidress kd0gus, Andrew Brashers kd0hun, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, Jamas Justice kd0guu, Rich Vogt kb9yze, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq
Richard Anderson n0zdz, Teddy Fleck, Bill Frank ac0jk, Katherine Parker kd0etx,
Called to order 509pm by Steve ka0spm

November Minutes approved by unanimous vote.
Treasury report: $381 after raffle and computer sales at the OMAR hamfest.
-Shawn – 440 machine report
-Repeater report – Rope still needs to be taken down and check feedlines.
-Winter Field Day – Jan. 29 12 noon until we want to go home. Fun event and a chance to operate HF via voice and digital modes. Red cross Building for location.
-Packet Machine at channel 10 has failed. Discussion ensued. More investigation needed as to the need for more nodes.
-Jeff, Steve, Cheryl volunteered to serve on committee to investigate 440 linking system.
-Dues: Hope to decrease dues for next year. Discussion for other fund raisers
Ht purchase in March and give away at Field Day – Motion made and seconded with unanimous vote taken to purchase the HT with club funds.
Weather Station to be raffled at OARS Hamfest – Steve and Lewis to purchase.
-Steve will chair Field Day-
-Ideas for things to do:
Antenna mounting different ways, Ham Radio in the Park, strange antenna challenge, mobile cruise in, Proposed Garage Sale. Lewis and Regina will tend.
Last weekend of May strange antenna challenge –
-Wilson’s Creek 150th Anniversary. Andrew will contact head ranger.
-Titanic in April
Meeting adjourned 622pm
Christian county CERT classes Jan. 22 and 29th. Contact Christian County OEM.

SMARC Meeting Minutes Nov. 20, 2010

In attendance:
Eric Childress kd0gus, Terri Semelroth, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, Bill Atwill kc4gd, Steve Palmer ka0spm, Patti Palmer kd0ael, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Regina Carroll, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Jamas Justice kd0guu and family, Andrew Brashers kd0hun, Robert Kensch kc0wse, Caleb Burns kd0bwt, David Nichols kd0jei, Robert Gag, Anna Gag, Shawn McKee kd0cnp

Called to order at: 0510

Old Business:

Treasury Report: $164
October Minutes accepted as posted on the website
Repeater: Damage at the 91 site, 440
Bylaws: Approximately 1/3 completed with the reviews.
Events Reviewed: Fox hunt at Jeff’s, Weather Service Special Event, Tower site investigation – work needed;

New Business:

Link system with 440 – Shawn explained options that are available for linking. Possible tower sites being investigated.

VOIP potential – with the 440

Need a tower work day with climb – prioritize removal of the rope at the 850 level. This needs to occur ASAP.

We are requesting volunteers for next year for nominating committee. Meetings should begin in July.

At the next meeting we will be presenting personal survival and preparation. Presentations will be given by CERT certified individuals and other individuals who prepare their homes for the unexpected.

Winter Field Day – We will participate. Jan 29 and 30. Vote was taken with unanimous decision. We will set up at the Red Cross at noon and will operate at our leisure. Our participation will be not for points but for the experience and fun.
Ended at 555
Dinner and a presentation about digital modes followed. Big thanks to Regina and Lewis for providing the Spaghetti and Lasagna!


SMARC Meeting Minutes October 16, 2010
Members and Visitors present:
John Hale and Amber, Steve Palmer ka0spm, Patti Palmer kd0ael, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Jamas Justice kd0guu, Lewis kd0knl and Regina, Alice Murphy kd0hur , John Wake kd0ipd, Jul Wake kd0ish, Jim Stafford kd0clp, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, David Nichols kd0jei

Meeting called to order by Steve Palmer at 504pm

Old Business:
August meeting minutes approved
No September minutes due to special presentation.
Fox Hunt scheduled for Oct. 23 at Jeff Reppert’s home. We will meet at the Red Cross to car pool or caravan to Miller.
Weather Service event Oct. 23 9-3

New Business:
Patti and Steve will check with Richard Hammar for Christmas meeting presentation
Pot Luck at meeting for Christmas possibly with HF opportunities.
Work at tower site Oct. 17th.
Request for digital mode demonstration for Nov. Steve agreed to provide this demonstration.
4 Pentium 4 computers for sale ready for amateur radio: $40 50/50 splt with the club
You Will need a monitor keyboard and mouse: Fldigi, wfjt, qsst, xlog, gpredict satellite tracking, etc.
Check with Shawn kd0cnp if you are interested.
Meeting adjourned at 537pm.

Build project – yagi directional finding antenna httphttp://theleggios.net/wb2hol/projects/rdf/tape_bm.htm

September 2010

There was a Special Presentation of Emergency Preparedness.
No General Business was discussed.


SMARC Meeting Minutes Aug. 21, 2010

Roll Call: Donald Rogers AC0PO, C.W. Stiver kc0vnt, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, Eric Childress kd0gur, Jamas Justice kd0guu, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, Richard Anderson n0zdz and friend, Duane Dodson kd0kdl, John Hale and Angie Hale, David Nichols kd0jei, Starla Marlow, Richard Marlow kd0jwy, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Regina Carroll, Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael, Steve Palmer ka0spm, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Andrew Brashers kd0hun, Bill Atwill ac4td, Gary Jackson kd0gu

Called to order 515

Old Business:
Treasurers report $164

Hamfest – October tailgate party postponed after group discussion

Foxhunt – 2nd week of October

QRP links to be posted on the website

New Business:

The club has received a generous donation of vacuum tubes by Bill Atwill.

The club has an opportunity to preserve and show the keyers from Bill’s collection. Included in this collection is some military memorabilia. We are seeking a lockable glass display case for these items.

Steve Palmer closed the business meeting at 537pm.

There was a demonstration of soldering by Steve Palmer ka0spm


SMARC Meeting Minutes July 17, 2010

Meeting called to order at 508pm by Steve Palmer President
Roll Call: Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael sec., Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Steve Palmer ka0spm Pres., Shawn McKee kd0cnp Board, Jamas Justice kd0guu VP, Alice Murphy kd0hur, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Bill Atwill ac4gd, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, David Nichols kd0jei, Ryan Sell n8ers, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Ron Knight, Daniel Mullen kc0thp, Andrew Brashears kd0hun, Caleb Burns kd0bwt,

Old Business:
Sec./Tres. Report: 164 balance, old minutes accepted by majority vote

Field Day: Kudos from the President.

Repeater: Clean up day slated for Wed. July 21, 2010.

Bylaws: Shawn in process of rewrites.

New Business:
Hamfest ideas requested-
Targeted date sometime in October.
Steve will head up the event. Gary and Cheryl to help.
Suggestion to target April 2012 Branson at the expo Center to coincide with the Titanic Event.

Special guest: Daniel kc0thp demonstrated QRP transceiver kits.
Small Wonders Lab –
4 States QRP – Rock Mite
Tool kit from Radio Shack
Wire strippers
Type of solder important – .032 available radio shack Soldering grade
Difficult is getting the kits in the cans
Hold punch kits available at Grizzly
Seneca 3rd Saturday – group meets at Barneys
Straight key century club 7116
Meeting ended at 600pm

Demo of volt meters by Steve followed:


Meeting Minutes June 9 2010

SMARC was called to order by Steve Palmer at the Greater Ozarks Chapter of the American Red Cross Building at 501pm.

Roll call: The following persons were present:
StevePalmer ka0spm, Shawn Mckee kd0cnp, Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Bill Atwill ac4gd, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Eric Childress kd0gus, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Alice Murphy kd0hur, Jeff Reppert kd0lam, Andrew Brashears kd0hun, Caleb Burns kd0bwt, Jim Stafford kd0clp

Secretary/ Treasurer report $635 balance, field day promos out

Web Administrator Report; logging program online for Field Day, url to go to linked from the site. Will appear live and anyone can view contacts as they occur. Also hoping to have a live streaming camera in place.

Echolink connected to 64 right now. Running in sysop mode. Steve passed out a sheet with commands for the Arcom controller. Precede all commands with a # sign. Repeater will repeat out the codes then will connect. Key and id first if the repeater has been sitting idle. Open to all whether a member or not.
Echolink is in conference mode and will accept up to 5 connections at a time.
Echolink.org for more information

Field Day: Antennas, bug repellant, park inside the fence if staying the whole time.

Demo of 5/4 wave antenna

Meeting closed at 555pm.

Demonstration of antique code keyers by Bill Atwill followed. He donated a key practice machine to the club! Thank you Bill!


May 15, 2010
Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club Meeting was called to order at 507pm the Greater Ozarks Red Cross Disaster Services building at pm by Steve Palmer President.
Members present:
Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Gary Jackson Kd0gur, Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael, Steve Palmer ka0spm, CW Stiver kc0vnt, Shawn McKee kd0cnp, Bill Atwill ac4gd, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Lewis Carroll kd0knl, Robert Kensch kc0wse, Jamas Justice kd0guu,
Old Business:
Minutes approved as posted on the website.
Treasury Report: $635 Awaiting insurance estimates both equipment and liability.
Secretary report: Contact made with KOLR, KSPR, NWS and Greene Co EMO for Field Day.
Field Day discussion. Introduction to Field Day events.
Meeting adjourned 0530pm
GOTA station set up and operated with trailer and yagi following the meeting. European contacts made on 20 meters.


SMARC April Meeting Minutes April 17, 2010 at the Red Cross Disaster Services Building
Members Present: Steve Palmer, Patti Palmer, Robert Kensch, Bill Atwill, Steve Uzzell, Cheryl Jackson, Gary Jackson, Alice, Jamas Justice, Shawn McKee

Called to order at 0547pm by Steve Palmer
Secretary/ Treasurer Report: Treasury Report $635 total
Minutes of March Meeting
Minutes accepted as posted on the web by majority vote
Old business and News:
Demonstration of a tape measure Yagi antenna was provided by Steve. Components, expense and uses. In addition, historically how the Japanese used similar devices to triangulate signal and locate Pearl Harbor.
Weather widget added to the website
Discussion of website versus reflector
Field Day – Updates on assignments, site Red Cross, dinner BBQ and pot luck
Softrock cannot be ordered, not available.
Seeking QRP demonstration and possible kit building. Requesting someone to present this to the group.
New Business:
Proposal to build Yagi antennas
Proposal to train new hams on use of digital volt meter.
Both of these topics to be addressed in meetings following Field Day.
Meeting adjourned 626pm
Demonstration of transmitter hunting was performed by Steve Palmer in the parking lot of the Red Cross.


March 20, 2010 SMARC Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 503pm by Steve Palmer

Members present: Steve Palmer (pres.), Jamas Justice (vice pres.), Patti Flowers-Palmer (sec. Tres.), Gary Jackson (Board), Shawn McKee (Board), Robert Kensch, Steve Uzzell, Bill Atwill, David Nichols, Alan Hartman, Paul Kamonda, C.W. Stiver,

Visitors Present: 7

Secretary report
Old minutes presented and accepted
Treasury report – 610 in balance

Trustee Report – currently using back up amp from 49 repeater group
Jumper replaced by trustee – 21 watts so amplifier working
Receive antenna nitrogen added
Need light bulbs – 150 to 250 watt (5 or more)
Link on 64 – belongs to 49 group
81 and 82 link up and down

Compressor – 3 gallon $39.99 would need paint dryer in addition Home Depot
Back up batteries – dry Steve filled

Webmaster report – upgrading structure
Provisions for hit counting being added
Content additions are being added

Call for Ham Radio stories to post on the website

Sofrock not ordered

New Business
Jamas appointed as Bylaws committee head – volunteers needed to assist

Foxhunts discussed
Build project for antenna presented

Field Day – Steve coordinator
Either at Willard South or Red Cross
Possible merger of efforts with EARS

Discussion of trustee issues. Vote deferred.

Three applications for membership received referred to the board for vote.

Motion made to affirm that meetings will be held on the third Saturday of the month. 9 of 9 voting members voted yea. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 6 pm


Feb. 20, 2010 Monthly Meeting Minutes of the Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club
Meeting was held at the Red Cross Disaster Services Building
Meeting called to order at 5pm by Steve Palmer ka0smp (President)

Members In attendance: CW Stiver, Shawn McKee (At Large Board Member), Gary Jackson (At Large Board Member), Cheryl Jackson, Steve Palmer (President), Patti Palmer (Secretary/Treasurer), Steve Uzzell, Bill Atwill, Jamas Justice (Vice-President), Daniel Cook,

Visitors present
Julie Wake, Julie Wake, Paul Kamonda, David Nichols, Brad Tutt, Patrick Chase, Chris Woods, Richard Anderson, Richard Marlow,

Old Business:
January meeting minutes read and approved. (Patti motioned gary seconded, motion carried)

Update on website. Full functionality of old website restored.
Shawn provided visual of the new site.
Advertising has been accepted from Hamcom

Treasury Report: $510 balance at present. Vote needed to spend $388 to cover equipment insurance ASAP.

Gary made a Motion made to spend $388 for insurance to cover the equipment. Cheryl seconded the motion. Vote carried by majority vote.

New Business:

Fundraising: banner ads a good resource. Query for objections and feedback. Suggestions were made to contact Associated, Gigaparts etc.

Locating give away computers making them operable with amateur radio and be made for sale to hams in the area.

Steve Contacted Sofrock and will need a kit to put together and test before purchasing more for club members to put together in a class for circuitry.

Patti made a Motion made for club to purchase one kit for Shawn and Steve to put together to be sold afterward. Gary seconded the motion and the vote carried by majority.

Announcement of Titanic Event April 11-12 Trailers will be used by that group.

Skywarn Info net procedures presented by Patti.

Move to adjorn by Steve seconded by Cheryl at 540pm.

The rest of the meeting was construction of Jpole antennas from RJ 58 and tv antenna wire. Kits were sold for $5 a piece.


Jan. 16, 2010 SMARC meeting
In attendance: Pres. Steve Palmer ka0spm, vp Jamas Justice, kd0guu, sec/tres Patti Flowers-Palmer kd0ael, Board Shawn McKee kd0cnp, C. W. Stiver kc0vnt, Board Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson kd0guq, Robert Kensch kc0wse, Steve Uzzell kd0jnu, Bill Atwell ac4gd, Andrew Brashear kd0hun, John Wake kd0idp, Julie Wake kd0isi, Julie Wake kd0isg, Johnny Robinson (kc0aoc)

Steve called the meeting to order
Sec tres reports balance 415 insurance due
Board report
Jamas procured the repeater controller codes.
Club testing – club sponsored rather than individual
Called for equipment round up – limited success

New Items
-Activity Calendar to be posted
Field Day
Ham Radio in the Park – at least 5 events upcoming
HF Special Interest Group –
Interest in Sofrock Transceiver Kits– software defined radio
Other build projects
Skywarn Special Interest Group
Computer Rebuild Project as a fundraiser

Call for ideas for fund raisers

New Business –

Q & A Session
Technical Support


SMARC December Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Shawn kd0cnp, Steve ka0spm, Patti kd0ael, Gary kd0gur, Jamas kd0guu, Paul kd0fss, CW kc0vnt, John kd0ipd, Julie kd0isi, Julie kd0isj, Steve kd0jnu, Richard n0zdz Vice President

No Board Report

Treasury Report $170

Jamas VP elect called the meeting to order.
Food was served.

Suggestions to amend bylaws – provision to eliminate member from board if absent a specific number of times. 2010 Board members agreed to consider this issue when reviewing the Bylaws. Of concern is the lack of documentation asserting bylaws were accepted by the club. According to Robert’s Rules of Order the oldest know copy of the bylaws would be enacted immediately. The club is currently acting on a set of proposed Bylaws from 2004.

Reviewed old minutes. Including election results.

Discussed lost records.

Group Discussion regarding club issues to address in 2010.

Paul stated that Vince has the tentec.


SMARC meeting Minutes Nov. 21, 2009
Members in Attendance: Bill Chambers w8kir, Paul Kamonda kd0fss, Gary Jackson kd0gur, Cheryl Jackson, Jamas Justice kd0guu, Rick Castuell, Shawn McKee kd0cwp, Patti Palmer kd0ael, Steve Palmer ka0spm, Richard Anderson n0zdz

Old Business:
Two Year Terms of office proposed in previous meeting

No Treasury Report
No Board Report

New Business

Two Year Terms voted in for all officers by majority vote.

Nominations for club officers and vote taken for all officers:
Officers for 2010 – 2012 are
Pres. Steve Palmer
Vice Pres. Jamas Justice
Sec./ Treas. Patti Palmer
Board 1 Shawn McKee
Board 2 Gary Jackson

There was a presentation by Jamas with a tennis ball launcher for launching antennas.

Discussion regarding dinner for Christmas – Bill Golden corral contact
Back up plan pot luck at the Red Cross

Patti kdØael acting Secretary