Have you ever found yourself at 1:00am faced with the task of being creative or needing to have something to say.. but find yourself at a loss.. well, good thing it’s only 12:58am.

So here’s the deal Ladies and Otherwise as much as I’d like to have had a post up before now to clue everyone in, it just didn’t happen. None the less, we should have a fun meeting this month!

As most of you know last month KD0GUU brought his antenna analyser and we all got a look at it in action and tried a few things with it, Including some shenanigans with hanging test antennas off the ceiling at the red cross.

This month the plan is to build pocket/roll-up J-poles for HTs! These are great during emergency communications events when you need a little extra to get out on your HT, or if you just cant seem to hit the repeater from the bedroom and your sleeping mate refuses to let you setup a full blown mobile or base by the bed.

The materials list for this project is as follows:

60″ of low quality (lossy/leaky) 300ohm twin lead.

A suitable connector for your HT!

12′ or so of rg58, 174 or other suitable small 50ohm coax.

2 small cable ties

Electrical tape and optionally heat-shrink tubing if you want to enhance it’s appearance.

The club is providing the solder and flux.

If you do not have materials on hand and still wish to build one to take home, the club will have 8 “kits” available with everything needed for $5 each at the meeting.

The kit antennas have the coax pre-terminated with a BNC. If you need an adapter or an extension someone can help address this by build or order, but is not included in the cost of the kit.

Of course there will be time for Q&A on or off theme, socializing, and since there will be a build project under way the soldering irons should actually be hot this time! So bring your repair items if you’d like to touch them up or need help doing so.

I believe there are a few other sundry items to mention but I can’t recall them at the moment so I’ll save it for meeting business.

´╗┐Although on the calendar, it bears repeating, meeting time is 5:00pm to 7:00pm, If you wish to test before the meeting please arrive between 3:00pm & 4:30pm and VEs will be there to help you. Location: American Red Cross 1545 N. West Bypass, Springfield, MO 65803