Hello, my name is Curt (kc0zom) and I am the volunteer coordinator for the 100 Acre Wood Rally. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a rally race for prepped cars that takes place February 25-26 of this year and is based in Salem, MO. We race on temporarily closed county gravel roads in Dent, Crawford, Iron, and Washington Counties in MO.
We are a volunteer organization and need lots of volunteers to hold the event. HAM’s are a vital part of the rally to keep things organized. We use a radio net and area repeaters via mobile radios to keep the race safe.

If you could spread the word amongst your club or HAM friends, that would be terrific as we never seem to have enough radio operators. If you have a message board or newsletter that you could add this to or bring it up at your next meeting, it would really help to get the word out that we need your help.
Our communications coordinator is Mike McCrann (wd0gsy) and if he already contacted you, I apologize for the doubling up.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or Mike. His email is mike@100aw.org

Thank you,
Curt Faigle