-Regular Announcements-

The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club Meeting is held on the third Saturday of each month. Our next meeting will be Saturday, April 20th.

The meeting this month will be at Jordan’s (N0RK) house, as it is on the same day as our Q2 Tech Day! The address is 3611 n Farm Road 147, in Springfield. This is the East outer road of Hwy 13, and just North East of the Dickerson Park Zoo. Testing will still be held at the DAV build at 3:00pm. Everyone is more than welcome to come on over after testing, or if they are at Tech Day!

Testing will be at 3:00pm for anyone that wants to get their tech license, or want to upgrade to general or extra class. The fee for the test is $15. The meeting starts at 5:00pm.

Any one that is interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator should attend a meeting, or testing session. You do not have to already have your license, or be a club member to attend. Everyone is welcome including friends, family, and children.

An outstanding cook usually prepares a meal, and anyone is welcome to bring sides dishes, soft drinks, or desserts. Guests are welcome to stay to eat.

For future meetings at the DAV, you can no longer enter or exit from Davison. Those drives have been removed, and 2 new drives have been installed off of Engle Ave. This was done to make it safer for people coming, and going from the DAV.

-DAV Drivers-

The DAV has been very gracious in letting us use their building at a great rate for our club meetings. SMARC would like to help pay back some of their generosity! They are always looking for volunteers to help drive veterans both here in town, and out of town. Some of the duties may be taking veterans to doctor’s appointments, VA visits, running to the store, or other places.

If you would like to volunteer to be a driver please contact Commander Bob Clayton at: 417-862-3910. The DAV has vans that you will use for transportation. All you have to have is a driver’s license, be insurable on their government policy, and pass a physical. I assume this is similar to a DOT physical.

-Safe & Sound Saturday-

Safe & Sound is one week from tomorrow! Safe & Sound Saturday is a community event that brings many groups together to help make everyone safer in their daily lives. Once again the event is returning to the Ozark Empire Fairground’s E-Plex. The date for this year’s event is April 13th, from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Both the Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club, and Greene County Skywarn will be at Safe & Sound. We will have a table, but at this time the floor map is not completed, so we do not know our table number. Just as soon as we get that, we will post it on the club’s website, Facebook page, and announce it on next weeks net.

There is a setup on Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, & vendors arrive around 8:00am Saturday morning. We will need volunteers for setup Friday, Saturday during the event, and for tear down.

As of yet I have had only a couple of people contact me for volunteering. At this time I only have one person confirmed for Friday setup, and one the day of the event. I’m sure at least one other person will show for Saturday, and I might have a couple others if their schedules work out, but they are not confirmed yet.

I do need at least one other person to help with setup on Friday, as neither myself, nor another person that was going to help could until after 5pm. I would like to have at least a few more people that can staff the booth throughout, and at least a couple that would be willing to be there for tear down.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact me at: kd0rsj@gmail.com. You can also text me at: 417-207-4020. I plan to send out info to volunteers on next Wednesday evening.

-Q2 Tech Day!-

Coming up on April 20th is SMARC’s second, or Q2 Tech Day! People are encouraged to bring in all kinds of electronics, and we will try to help you out. If you need a problem diagnosed, need a quick repair, or just want to know how things work, we’ll see what we can do for you.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to diagnose every issue, or fix them, but we will try our best. Unless Jordan ok’s it, we are also not looking to have items left after Tech Day is over, and drop off are not encouraged. We’d like for you to stay with your equipment please. Also Tech Day is a fun family event, and children are welcomed, but need to be supervised. There will be soldering irons, exposed circuits, and other dangers that could cause potential harm, or worse.

There will be a potluck grill out for both lunch, and dinner. The club is providing the meat, likely chicken or hot dogs & hamburgers. If you’d like to bring something special for yourself, Jordan will put it on the grill for you! As this is a potluck, guests are encouraged to bring a side dish, soft drinks, or dessert.

-Skywarn Youth Net-

I would like to talk to you about the Skywarn Youth Net. It begins at 7:30pm on Sunday nights, on the 145.490 N0NWS repeater. This net is sponsored by the Southwest Missouri Regional Skywarn repeater system to encourage young amateur radio operators & their families to key up, and get out on the air.

This helps create educational awareness among these operators about Skywarn, and basic weather facts. It helps introduce young hams to net operations, and how to participate in a net. There are trivia questions about weather, and a lot of fun for all! Everyone is welcome to participate.

For more information about this net, please go to www.N0NWS.com/youth.

-Friday Night Net Trivia-

Strange Parts:

What Club is the sponsor of the Missouri QSO Party??

The Correct Answer Is: BOEING Employee Amateur Radio Club

-Check Inns-

KE0CVU / Dave / Boise D’Arc, Mo / BOEING Radio Club

N0SRO / Billy / Springfield, MO / BOEING Radio Club

KE0UZG / Matt / Springfield, MO

KD0NEM / Cliff / Fair Grove, MO

KE0JGH / Preston / Nixa, MO

KC0NSC / Tom / Springfield, MO

WA2OUV / Don / Springfield, MO

KD0AEL / Patti / Springfield, MO / Bears Radio Club

AE9SS / Connor / Springfield, MO

KA0SPM / Steve / Springfield, MO

KE0MPI / Paul / Ozark, MO (Mobile)

KE0NHL / Heather / Cleaver, MO / BOEING Radio Club

AD0YV / Rodney / Springfield, MO (Mobile)

-Net Control-

KD0RSJ / Franklin / Springfield, MO