We all put our desires of what we want our club to do on paper on the last meeting

Ideas for small lot HF antennas.
Want more info on the 630 meter band.
Quarterly get togethers
Info about JT8 setup,equipment reqiuirements
Like the tech day gatherings.

Antenna building
Mesh Networking for EMCOMMS
Internal Email
Presentations on intrest to Ham radio (general news)
Would like to see classes in radio repair.

What can I do if an emergency happens like Joplin? Or another bad ice storm?

Home brew construction (Non surface mount).

Basic Electronics. Components, soldering, kit builds.

More get togethers Mini meeting, hanging out or radio days.
Small hamfest (like garage sale for ham radio)
More howtos (antennas(not the same same)
SMARC paraphenalia shirts pins etc.
Pay dues online instead of waiting months.

Link all our repeaters during severe weather and internet access in case weather conditions knocks me off air.
P1 repeater controller

Close friends!!!!!
CW training.

Small Electroninc design

Class level training
Getting started setting up ham shacks
DMR programming
Long distance contacts
Antenna setups
Laser light bending communication.

CW training
Programming help.

Club station
ARDEN/wifi mesh networks
Amateur TV for field day
LED/Laser qso’s

Basic Education/knowledge

Learn DMR better and other modes of communication
Have field trips/ events/ outings like field day but shorter.
I would like to see a permanent club station if we could find a sponsor to provide the space.
I want to club to have money for special projects and events through scholarships Corporate donations, and sponsorships We can use their logos at events to show the support.
More opportunities for publicity to get media attention for the club to help accomplish some of these things.

Home built electronics
Social activities

More Home brew
More events by club members
Testing/fixing equipment
Radio programming
Send me to ISS for SMARC testing.

New secretary for 2020

I’d still be interested in a mesh network in the Springfield area. I know we can’t really have a permanent club staton at this time, but maybe a mobile station/go box/kit similar to what iCom did with the Boy Scouts. Something self contained, easily deployable, for events, and special occasions. That way we don’t always have to use members equipment. Then ultimately I’d like to see some kind of a trailer maybe for 1-3 operators with HF through UHF capabilities, have an on board generator/solar system, antennas, and built in WiFi/internet from wired, or cellular hotspot sources.

A club station is my vote if we are thinking big. Office spaces are $200 in some areas that could be perminant. Or, better yet, a new meeting location that permits us a perminant station/antenna system. I know the dav gives us a good deal but its not an ideal location for the future. Besides that, a club hf radio and amp, generator (inverter), backbone internet (non part 97) and a part 97 mesh. 10 meter repeater for the net and other uses, side organization for donations and sales of builds. Also, more field day funding and a build party in between tech days, or maybe as part of tech days? And solder stations for the club.