We are looking for a talented individuals who would like to contribute the the redesign of our club logo. We have decided to make a contest for anyone who would like to submit their design. The contest will go from February 16th to March 9th. Submissions will need to be submitted by 11:59pm to qualify.

Finalists will be decided by the SMARC board then presented to the membership for voting. Winner will receive 1 Year FREE Club membership and recognition for their design.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure your design will be accepted for review.

  1. We ask for original artwork or designs that do not violate any copy-write graphics or trademarks.
  2. All designs or logos submitted to the club will become the intellectual property of the club.
  3. Please make the design simple with minimal colors with our full name “Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club” or you can use the Initials, SMARC or Southwest MO ARC, will be acceptable.
  4. Please make the design easy to replicate and distribute as we plan to use it on all brochures, banners, websites, patches, and social media.
  5. Please upload your sample in a pdf, jgp, png, or bmp. Any files that cannot be opened by a traditional graphics app will not be accepted
  6. Clip-art is acceptable as long as it does not violate any copy-written graphics

Below is an example of a design that can give you an idea of what we are looking for. The more original the design the better. We wish everyone luck and look forward to your submissions.

Submissions can be sent to ad0yv.ham@gmail.com or kd0ael@gmail.com. Please use the subject “SMARC Logo Contest”