At our November 2018 meeting we got nominations for officer positions that are up at the end of the year. The positions include: both Directors spots, Secretary, & President. As per the club bylaws, we made the nominations, and we will allow 30 days before we can vote. So voting will take place during our annual Christmas Potluck Meeting!
Members that are eligible for nomination must have been a club member for at least 1 full yeah, they must have their membership dues paid up, and they must be in good standing with the club (not infractions, or other conflicts with club bylaws, and rules). Each person can hold office for 2 terms, and then they must sit out, or hold another office for a term before being eligible for the same office again. Each director’s position if elected every year. both Secretary, and President are 2 year terms each.
Nominees for each potion are as follows:
Director #1: Larry Lamano
Director #2: Jeff Reppert
Secretary: Shawn McKee, Judith McKee
President: Rodney Mallonee (Incumbent), Lewis Carroll, Jeff Reppert
So if you would like to have a hand in deciding who is in leadership positions in the club, please plan to attend the December meeting, and vote! You do have to be a paying member of the club to vote for officers. But even if you are not a paying member, you are still welcomed as always! December is when we do our Christmas Potluck Dinner! The club provides the meat (Turkey & Ham), and then we bring all the rest! Regina usually makes other dishes to fill in some of the holes, and everyone is welcomed to bring side dishes, desserts, and soft drinks as always!
Traditionally the program while we it is a show & tell of people’s Go Bags! If you have one, bring it in with you!! We look forward to seeing everyone at the December club meeting, one of the most popular throughout the year!