This coming Friday will be the first official session of the SMARC HF Net! This is an extra net to the regular 2 meter Friday Night Net that SMARC has ran for years. It will center around trivia, fun facts, and rag chewing. Details may change in the future was we refine this brand new net.

Freq: 28.410 Mhz
Mode: USB
Time: 7pm to 8pm
Info: Vertical antenna is best, but anything will work. We will probably have some relay’s going on until we perfect it. 100 watts is recommended to start with.

We look forward to seeing you Friday night for the HF net, and then afterwards on the Friday Night 2 meter net!! 🙂🙂

We would like to ask people that are participating in the HF net to download NetLogger. it is free to download, and would really help us to get a lot of feedback one these early sessions of the net. If you can hear Jordan, or Rodney, but do not get a reply from them, it will show up through your use of NetLogger. It will give them an idea where they may need to do some more testing.

(Side Note: There is not a new 2 meter net. We will still have the same Friday Night Net that SMARC has ran on Friday Nights for many years. If you are not familiar with it, we start about 8:00pm CDT every Friday night. The frequency is 146.910, Neg offset, with a PL Tone of 162.2 MHz. There is also an active EchoLink connection to this repeater, node #: 976583. We would love to have you for this net as well!)