Hello everyone! At the meeting Saturday I heard something that surprised me.
A member of the local Amateur Radio community had came to the September meeting, and some people had told him they would get in touch to help him get an antenna up, but then no one ever contacted him. Maybe there was some miscommunications, or people didn’t have the spare time that they thought they would?
No matter this issue, I told him I would make some posts, and see if we could get him some help. He was using a cane at the meeting, so I’m sure his mobility is limited to a degree, and it might be difficult for him to climb ladders, and such to put up and antenna.
The antenna is a 80m to 6m long wire antenna. The gentleman lives on the North side of Springfield, not very far from our meeting location at the DAV building on East Division.
If you can help him out, I would really appreciate it a lot! Please contact Tom ,KC0NSC, at: (303) 408-6055, or at: (417) 449-7451. Thank you!!
-Update 10/23/2018-
Both Rodney, and I are in touch, and are working to get this taken care of this. I have talked to Rodney on the phone, and he will be reaching out to Tom soon. We will see when will be the best time & date for him to get his antenna up, and then asking for volunteers to help.
Rodney & I both are willing to help, but if we could get a few more people, that would make the work both quicker & easier! So if you would be willing to volunteer part of a day to help get this antenna up, please watch the page, and we will be posting that info soon!
Franklin, KD0RSJ