At the recent Tokyo Hamfair, iCom has announced more details about it’s upcoming IC-9700 VHF/UHF radio. The IC-9700 is being seen by some as the hire to the popular IC-910H. That radio, which was popular for working satellites, was replaced by the IC-9100. Some things that the 910H were used for besides satellite ops were: reception of low power signals, SSB DXing, All Mode ops, and contesting. Will the 9700 be able to fill it’s older brother’s shoes?

The IC-9700 will have 100 watts power on 2 meters, 75 watts on 70 centimetres, and 10 watts on 23 centimetres. Early reports said the 23cm band would be an option, but screen shots of info about the 9700 from the Tokyo Hamfair do not say that 23cm is optional. So this may not be the case with the finish model, just like early reports suggested power would be limited to 50 W on both 2m/70cm. The 9700 is not expected to be on the market till 2019, so maybe it still has some more surprises in store for us?!

The radio is a direct-sampling SDR radio like the very popular IC-7300. Like the 7300, the 9700 has a large centre positioned 4.3” colour touch screen display, that includes a real time high speed spectrum scope on all three bands. Other features include: 99 satellite memories, dual watch & full duplex in satellite mode, D-STAR either optional or built in (not specified), and a digital data mode that offers 128 kbps. Pricing & availability have not been stated, but as mentioned before, it is not anticipated to hit store shelves until sometime in 2019.

Does the IC-9700 interest any of you? If you got this radio, how would you use it? I would primarily use it as a base station for working 2m repeaters, and some SSB 2m DXing. I’d also use it some on 70cm. I might even give some satellite ops a go?! Are you excited for this radio? Do you plan to get one when they are released? Please go to this post on the SMARC Facebook page to leave a comment.

Franklin, KD0RSJ