In reply to Paul Mark’s question on the net 3 weeks ago, I am posting this report based off of replies I have received from a post on the club’s Facebook page.
Paul Mark, K0PRM, had asked a couple of weeks ago on the net how do most people monitor local repeaters, and when do they do so. I posted to both the club’s website, and Facebook page about this question, and here are the results.
Steven, KE0AKN, likes to monitor the 4-States frequencies. During evenings, he hits as many of these 4-states nets as he can. Usually there are at least one such net each night. Some do require a good antenna setup, and higher power to get into.
Rodney, AD0YV, typically has his mobile radio on dual watch scanning frequencies on one side, with the 146.910 MHZ on the other side. He mostly does this on his morning, and evening work commutes. He throws out his call during these times, but often doesn’t get anyone calling back. He’d like to see more people on the repeaters.
Heather, KE0NHL, mostly monitors the 145.490 MHz, & 147.015 MHz repeaters. The best times to reach her is after 4:00pm CDT when she gets off work.
Ted, KE0QAI, typically scans the Springfield area repeaters on his way to, & from work. He hasn’t been putting his call out on the air recently, but he wil start doing so now.
James, KB0NHX, monitors during the day from his work vehicle. Using mobile radios he monitors repeaters in the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System (SMLRS) on: 53.270 MHz, 224.289 MHz, 442.425 MHz, & 927.0125 MHz. He also listens to the Southwest Missouri DMR Talkgroup. While driving to various kids events in the evening, James monitors the 146.685 MHz repeater in Fusion mode, As well as the SMLRS. James must have a very understanding wife, as he says these evening trips often take place in her car!!
Larry, KE0KZ, is from Wentzville, just west of O’Fallon, MO. When at home he says there is some traffic during the day time, mostly during drive times. But once 6:00pm rolls around, there is little to no activity present. Larry travels to the Branson area, & there he notices a little bit of the opposite. There he hears little if any activity during the day. Larry has come to the conclusion that 2m use seems to have decreased since he was first licensed in 1982. He thinks that various social medias like Facebook may have replaced 2m radio as the social gathering place of choice. A general decline of amateur use may also have contributed to few Hams on the 2m bands.
4-State Net Frequencies
7:30p Gravett Ark 146.52/simplex
7:30p Joplin 147.210/91.50
8:00p Joplin ARES 147.210/91.50
8:30p Arkansas City, Ks 145.190/114.80
9:00p Coffeyville 146.610/91.5
10:00p Pryor, Ok 147.06
7:00p Skywarn 145.350/91.5
7:00 Sedan, Ks 146.955/100
11:00 Mayers Cty 147.060/88.5
8:00p Pittsburg, KS 146.940/91.5
8:30p Rose 146.985/110.9
9:00p Shell Knob 145.210/103.2
7:00p Bentonville Ark 145.290/110.9
7:30 Nixa 145.390/91.5
11:00 Mayes Cty 147.060/88.5
7:00p Broken Arrow 146.91/88.5
7:30p Nixa 145.390/91.5
9:00p Shell Knob 145.210/88.5
9:00p Pryor, Ok 147.060/88.5
11:00 Mayes Cty 147.060/88.5
11:00p Mayes Cty 147.060/88.5
7:00 Skywarn 145.350/91.5
7:30p Skywarn Youth 145.350/91.5
8:00p Ozarks Amateur 147.390/110.9
11:00p Mayes Cty 147.060/88.5
Franklin, KD0RSJ