Hello everyone! SMARC will be once again participating in Route 66 On the Air, which will run from Sept. 8th, to the 16th. It looks like we may not be running a station on opening day from Route 66 Park, so all operations likely will be from home this year.

If you wish to participate by using the W6R special event call, please coordinate with Jack Young, WK0Y. He will be coordinating frequencies, time slots, and entering the contacts for the event. If possible, please putt he contacts in an Excel like spreadsheet, but hand written logs are ok too. Just make sure you get them to Jack in a timely manner.

Information about Frequencies used, timing, clubs participating, and much more can be found at: http://w6jbt.org/.

QSL cards will likely be mailed out again this year. At this time we are not 100% certain fir they will be sent to the club’s P.O. Box, or a different mailing address. As soon as we find out, we will update you with that info.