This evening during the net Paul Mark, K0PRM, brought up a very interesting question! He was wondering when the local repeaters get used around here? He is in Springfield, but like many of us, has noticed a lack of traffic on some of the local repeaters in the middle of the week. So he was wondering when, and where, you talk/monitor??
Is there a particular repeater(s) that you monitor all the time? What days/times of day do you monitor? Do you only monitor, or do you throw your call out to see if someone calls back? If you hear someone call are you likely to reply, or not? Or do you do like I do sometimes, scan the memory channels to see where it stops??
I told Paul that I would leave a post on the club’s Website & Facebook pages, and give a report next Friday during the net. So what I would like is if everyone would go to this post on SMARC’s Facebook Page, & leave a comment, and tell us when & where you monitor/talk of the local repeaters during your average week. Also why do you monitor the way you do? Please leave comments with your details at the SMARC Facebook Page! I would appreciate your input! Thanks in advanced to everyone that participates!!
Franklin, KD0RSJ