This week’s trivia is compliments of Daniel kdØeuv. These may have you quaking in your shoes!

Do to the recent local seismic activity, and with all the talking about earthquakes… Lets see if you can shake your way through this week’s trivia…

1.) The earthquakes of 1811/1812 in New Madrid, Mo have been the largest quakes that Missouri has had to current date. Although there were no seismographs at the time, geologists believe the earthquakes measured at a destructive 7.5 to 7.7 on the Richter Scale.

How far away could the New Madrid earthquakes be felt from the epicenter?

A.) 300 miles
B.) 600 miles
C.) 1200 miles

2.) I am sure we are all familiar with the reference to the Richter Scale on how they measure earthquakes. And even today the media still uses the phrase. But in 1979 a new system was introduced.

What is the name of that system?
A.) Richter 2 Scale
B.) Fujita Magnitude Scale
C.) Moment Magnitude Scale

3.) Here in Springfield on Highway 65 in between Division and Kearney, by Springfield Underground, there is a very noticeable hump in the road. It has been discovered by MoDOT and the Department of Natural Resources that it must be a fault line that is causing the fluctuations of the highway.

In the past two years, how much has the ground risen?
A.) 2 ½ inches
B.) 4 ¾
C.) 8 inches