-SMARC Friday Night Net for May 4th, 2018-


-Regular Announcements-

The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club Meeting is held on the third Saturday of each month. Our next meeting will be Saturday, May 19th.

The meeting will be at the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) building at 2525 E. Division Street. This is across the street from the downtown airport, in Springfield, MO. The building is also located between Oak Grove Avenue to the East, and Engel Avenue on the West side of the building. There is no access to the parking behind the building from off of Engle Avenue, so you will need to use the DAV’s driveway at the corner of Division & Engle.

Testing will be at 3:00pm for anyone that wants to get their tech license, or want to upgrade to general or extra class. The fee for the test is $15. The meeting starts at 5:00pm.

Any one that is interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator should attend a meeting, or testing session. You do not have to already have your license, or be a club member to attend. Everyone is welcome including friends, family, and children.

An outstanding cook usually prepares a meal, and anyone is welcome to bring sides dishes, soft drinks, or desserts. Guests are welcome to stay to eat.

For the next 2 months, instead of having a formal program after the business portion of our meeting, we will be making preparations for Field Day! A few things have already been talked about, and we are putting together a Field Day Committee. If you would like to be on that committee, please plan to attend the next 2 club meetings, as well as possible meetings in-between them.

-DAV Drivers-

The DAV, have been very gracious in letting us use their building at a great rate for our club meetings. We at the club would like to help pay back some of their generosity! They are always looking for volunteers to help drive veterans both here in town, and out of town. Some of the duties may be taking veterans to doctor’s appointments, VA visits, running to the store, or other places.

If you would like to volunteer to be a driver please contact the DAV Commander, Jack Buckley, at: 417-862-3910. The DAV has vans that they use for transporting people, so I do not think you will be using your own vehicle.

Also throughout the year the DAV has a few found raisers to raise money for vehicle repair, and replacement. I will get in touch with Comd. Buckley, and get the details of the remaining planned found raisers this year, and bring that to you as well. Hopefully we can help the DAV raise some money this year for their van fleet!



Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to purchase a repeater to replace our aging 146.640 MHz Skywarn repeater. We were able to make this happen mostly through members donating money for the new repeater.

Just 3 advantages this has given us are: increased transmit power, ability to eliminate interference with a PL Tone, and the option to include Echolink.

This is just the first step the Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club has taken to improve or repeater systems. SMARC has set a goal to raise funds for some new digital repeaters that can expand our area even more. But we need your help to make this happen.

We have established a fundraiser with FlipGive.com. FlipGive is a great way to give back to your club by purchasing the things you already shop for every day. Companies like Wal-Mart, Dominos Pizza, Apple, Target, Nike, and many more will donate a percentage of your purchases back to the club. If you shop online, why not help our progress by signing up for FlipGive today.

Even if you normally only make purchases in the stores, you can still help. Purchase gift cards on the website, that you can use in store, and it still counts! The club will get a portion of those gift card purchases too.

Tell your friends & family to help raise funds to build our repeater system here in Southwest Missouri. A little bit can go a long way.

Go to www.flipgive.com and search for Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club for more information on how you can help us take the next step in upgrading our coverage for Skywarn and emergency communications.


-Rohn Extendable Poles for Sale-

Dave, KE0CVU, has found a source of Rohn extendable poles for sale in Arkansas. The person with the poles has several sets, all are new in the box. I think Dave said that the were either $20, or $25, and has offered to pic some up for anyone that would like him to. I think he said they are located in Clinton, AR, which is about 3+ hours to drive from Springfield. If you would like Dave to pick you up a set, or a few, you can text him at: 417-766-5787. Or you can call him at: 417-751-3200.


-Skywarn Youth Net-

I would like to talk to you about the Skywarn Youth Net. It begins at 7:30pm on Sunday nights, on the 145.490 N0NWS repeater. This net is sponsored by the Southwest Missouri Regional Skywarn repeater system to encourage young amateur radio operators & their families to key up, and get out on the air.

This helps create educational awareness amongst these operators about Skywarn, and basic weather facts. It helps introduce young hams to net operations, and how to participate in a net. There are trivia questions about weather, and a lot of fun for all! Everyone is welcome to participate.

For more information about this net, please go to www.N0NWS.com/youth.


-R&L Electronics Offer-

R & L Electronics has put together a couple of radio packages for brand new Hams in the Southwest Missouri area! The basic pack includes a Baofeng UV5 hand held radio, and a Gordon West Technician study guide, and is less than $50, with free shipping!!

You can see details for both the basic & deluxe packages at:www.randl.com. Once on the main page, just type “new ham” into the search bar, and you will see both of the radio packages.


-Check Inns-

KE0CVU / Dave / Bois D’Arc, MO

KD0JGG / Roger/ Springfield, MO

WA0QZY / Larry / Willard, MO

KA0KDW / Brad / Springfield, MO

AD0YR / Roger / Springfield, MO

KE0NHL / Heather / Clever, MO

K9EAR / Bill / Springfield, MO


-Net Control-

KD0RSJ / Franklin / Springfield, MO