Guns and Radios next Saturday September 23rd at the Reppert home near Miller MO. Food foxhunting, target shooting and fellowship. Kids no problem. JOIN US THERE 2 PM and if you can, bring a dish to share. Meat and bread provided by the club. We meet at the Red Cross lot between 12 and 1 to convoy to the event. We can utilize simplex frequencies to communicate car to car if needed. Please be aware that the exit to take from I-44 is the Highway 96 exit, and it has a sign that says the highway is “Closed”. Don’t worry, the highway is not closed until just after the turnoff for Miller, so you do not need to make any detours.

This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair). We will have tables and a place to sit on the porch.  If you have never been foxhunting ( searching for a transmitter with radios and antennas) you are in for a treat. Looking forward to great fellowship with fellow hams. Invite friends & family who may be interested in ham radio as we will have an HF station set up to get on the air.


Per Patti’s request here is a clickable link to Google maps for those who need it for tomorrow. N0MIO