* TESTING: Yes! Testing is still happening before the meeting and will always happen before the meeting, unless we all die. NO, we do not currently have a study class before testing, please come prepared to answer multiple choice questions using a pencil. Fee is $15 cash. For further information see “Become a Ham”
* NEXT MEETING: September is national preparedness Month. The upcoming Sep 19 meeting will be all about being prepared, getting prepared, and what that all means.
* GUNS & RADIO: Our annual fall event @ the Reppert farm Sept 26. Meet @ American Red Cross Disaster services 12:30, caravan out at 1:00. For first timers, bring your checklist should include: guns, bows, potato guns, tennis ball launchers and the like if you wish to shoot. An HT or HF rig if you wish to fox hunt or take advantage of the low noise HF conditions at the farm. The event is also a pot luck so please bring a dish to share.