If 20 Meters is any indication, we are going to have a great Field Day! The weather is supposed to be beautiful as well!

If you want to help set up, we will be on site at 10 AM. Our location is the American Red Cross at the corner of Division and West Bypass. We will be in the field West of the building. You cannot miss us!

If you want to buy raffle tickets, you can buy them on site before 530 PM. We have a great assortment of prizes again this year! Grand Prize is http://www.arrowantennas.com/osj/j-pole.html
$1 for 1 ticket
$5 for 6
$10 for 12

At 6 PM we will be conducting the drawing and will be serving burgers, hotdogs and homemade ice cream. Bring a side dish and join us!
Patti kd0ael