We had a great net Friday nite. And the answers to the trivia were abbb so Gary KD0GUR won the big prize. Thanks to Patti for coming up with such obscure trivia. If you would like to challenge us on the friday nite nets with trivia please do so by sending your trivia submissions to smarc@(nospam)smarc.org. Please leave the answers off your submission so you can surprise us with the answers on the net. Here are the checkins for the evening.

ka0spm Net Control
k0eod aaab
kd0gur abbb
kd0hun abab
kd0guq abab

The usual announcements of nets and club meeting schedule were given with the addition of the Pregnancy Care Center will be doing the Walk for Life this coming Saturday Oct 2. There is a need for additional volunteers to work the event with HT’s If you have not been involved in an event before you will get a chance to see how things work in a much less busy environment. Contact Ken at w0krb(at)yahoo(.)com (fix the e-mail address after pasting) or sent your availability to smarc@smarc.com and we will forward it to Ken.

Thanks to all who checked in for the net and see you next week

Steve KA0SPM