I regret I was not at the last meeting. I understand there was a heated discussion about the club and the public involvement in our Field Day activities. As PIO of the club, I feel it is my job to clarify this issue.

SMARC is an ARRL Special Services Club. As such, we do our best to follow ARRL recommendations for building club membership, for providing activities to help hams grow in the hobby and to provide the public information about amateur radio for their understanding. In doing so, we gain by building a solid and growing membership. Others gain by the things we can provide.

ARRL Field Day is our time to shine and to show the public what Amateur Radio is about. For those who want to make it a private event, they are welcome to do so, but we as a club will have our doors open, smiling faces there to greet the public and handouts ready to give them with contact information if they have further questions. So, come shine with us! We will be putting out more specifics on operating times soon but we will be at the Red Cross on Division and West Bypass Saturday June 27. PUBLIC WELCOME!


Patti kd0ael