Time Begin 2000
Time End 2049

Request for Operators:
Robert Kentch kc0wse is needing several ham operators with handhelds this Saturday to assist with the McKenzie 5K happening in Republic. It is an event to raise funds for Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. Operators would need to be at Miller Park at 730AM and should not be needed for more than 2 hours.
If you can help you can show up in front of the pool at Miller Park at 730AM or call Robert at 417-732-8396

Important dates for spotters!!!!! Please mark your calendars.

If you did not make it to the spotter training tonight you missed a great presentation by Doug Cramer from NWS. The presentation took a huge turn to tactical and practical knowledge for the spotters. There are still several opportunities to take the training at adjoining counties and I highly recommend your attendance.

Upcoming Spotter Training:
Here are several locations close to our area. If you cannot make it to the local one, there are some other options near by.
28 Bolivar, MO
(Polk County) 2:00pm CST Smiths Restaurant
Contact Information: Robert Dickson 417-327-9652
10 Location Undetermined
(Christian County) 6:30pm CST
Contact Information: Phil Amtower 417-581-2126
23 Marshfield, MO
(Webster County) 6:30pm CST Marshfield City Hall
Contact Information: Bill Sexton 417-859-7959
If you are not from Greene County, here is the link to locate your county spotter training:

Also, On March 21 at 5 PM at the Red Cross, we will have additional spotter training by a guest presenter. Please plan to attend.

The State of Missouri Statewide Tornado Drill be be occurring on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 at approximately 1:30 PM.
Greene County Spotters will activate that date using the 146.64 repeater with a PL tone of 162.2 and – offset. Please check in using your call sign, location and whether or not the sirens sounded at your location.


Last Meeting News:
We had a great time at the meeting with several new faces among the regulars and the ones we met last month who returned! We built Joule Thieves, Helped with a copper JPole, programmed a radio and replaced the face-plate on an older Yaesu!

We had a guest tonight. His name is Jiri George Polivka. He has an expertise in Radio Astronomy! He has an interest in Microwave Technology and Magnetic Loop antennas! His background includes him being from the Czech Republic and he worked as the Chief Scientist at Spacek Labs. He brought in a loop antenna made in the Czech Republic that appears to be a great QRP loop and is used in Eurasia as well as Japan by people who have issues hanging antennas or stringing wires in apartment buildings! It can operate from 3.5 to 28 MHz. I will be posting more about him at SMARC.org soon! But, if you are interested in the antenna, he can be reached at jiripol@yahoo.com or look up the kits atwww.pollabs.com He has said the kits can be shipped here and he can assemble them.

Jiri and Antenna Info


The Missouri QSO party is THE APRIL 4 and 5. If you might want to participate in a mobile event but don’t have H F gear this is a great opportunity to learn how to set up for emergency operations and have fun with a special event. We only operate on Saturday so it is a fun day trip! We are hoping to have several people participate this year. If you are interested, contact Lewis kd0knl at kd0knl@gmail.com


Additional Net on the 146.91 Repeater:
The Bible Belt Christian Fellowship Net meets on Tuesday at 730 PM. It is a non-denominational event and all are welcome.


The 147.180 repeater in Buffalo, MO has been purchased by N0SAP Dave. It will be placed back into operation.


Hamfests per Dale wa0cfq:
March 7 Russellville AR http://www.arvarf.com/

March 13 – 14 Green Country Hamfest Clamore, OK http://greencountryhamfest.org/

Ap. 11 OARS Hamfest Aurora, MO – Doors open at 8, Testing at 10 no admission charge if testing only.


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