We had a great time at the meeting with several new faces among the regulars and the ones we met last month who returned! We built Joule Thieves, Helped with a copper JPole, programmed a radio and replaced the face-plate on an older Yaesu!

We had a guest tonight. His name is Jiri George Polivka. He has an expertise in Radio Astronomy! He has an interest in Microwave Technology and Magnetic Loop antennas! His background includes him being from the Czech Republic and he worked as the Chief Scientist at Spacek Labs. He brought in a loop antenna made in the Czech Republic that appears to be a great QRP loop and is used in Eurasia as well as Japan by people who have issues hanging antennas or stringing wires in apartment buildings! It can operate from 3.5 to 28 MHz. If you are interested in the antenna, he can be reached at jiripol@yahoo.com or look up the kits at www.pollabs.com He has said the kits can be shipped here and he can assemble them. Here is a link to a PDF file telling more about this special guest, his areas of expertise and more information on the antenna. Jiri and Antenna Info


More pictures of the Magnetic Loop antenna and our build projects can be seen on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SouthwestMissouriAmateurRadioClub?fref=nf

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