World War 2 was unofficially known as the “Wizard War” Many of the high tech systems we now take for granted were developed during this time from 1939-1945.

1. The first “Man in the Middle” attack was carried out by the British with a transmitter designed originally for an American broadcaster. This transmitter was capable of 600000 watts and was set in the middle of several steerable antennas. It was also frequency agile which was quite a feat in the early 1940’s. The transmitter would “replace” German local broadcasting with fake broadcasts which caused chaos with the German citizens. What was the codename for this transmitter?

A. Philodendron
B. Aspidistra

2. Radar was nearly simultaneously invented by the Allied and Axis powers in WW2. The British seemed to grasp the concept of radar as a defensive tool better than most countries. What was the code name of the radar defence system in England during the Battle of Britian?

A. Chain Home
B. British Radar Defence

3. The Enigma machine was a very well known cryptographic tool used by Germany during World War 2. I much less known about United States Military electronic cipher used the same mechanical design with a few refinements. This code remained unbroken throughout the war with the Japanese actually giving up on breaking due to the seemly random order the wheels would rotate. What was the US Military designation of this cryptographic machine.

B. Magic

These questions will be tough so research carefully. And have fun.